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A Desirable Delay

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Aug/Sep 1984
MXR 1500 Digital Delay

The MXR 1500

A Sample of Eastern Ingenuity

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Dec 1985
Vesta Kozo DIG-420

Following their DIG-411 delay line: Vesta Kozo have now introduced this unit that is first and foremost a sampler and it can be used under keyboard control.

ADA STD-1 Stereo Tapped Delay

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Mar 1985

AGM Electron Echo

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1984

Aria AD-05 Analog Delay

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1983

Aria AD-05 Analogue Delay

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Aug 1984

Aria FX

Review | One Two Testing, Oct 1985

five go whoosh etc

Arion DDS1 & 4 DDL/Samplers

Review | International Musician, Dec 1986

Paul Trynka puts his foot down on a pair of interesting pedals

Arion FX Pedals

Review | In Tune, Jan 1985
IT On FX: Hot-Foot Review

Beef It Up

Review | Electronic Soundmaker, Jul 1985
Roland SDE-2500 MIDI digital delay

Roland's MIDI digital delay

Bel BD-80 Digital Delay

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Jul 1984

Bel BD240 Digital Delay Processor

Review | International Musician, Nov 1985
Studio Test

A peace of magic, or no Bel prize? Curtis Schwartz judges

Bel BD240 Sampling Delay

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1986

Long sample times and astounding sound quality characterise Bel's range of mid-price delay units. But as Ian Waugh discovers, there are some important omissions, too.

Bel BD80 Digital Delay Line

Review | One Two Testing, Jul 1984

expandable echos

Bel BD80S Stereo Delay/Sampler

Review | Sound On Sound, Apr 1988

As sampling keyboards rapidly reach saturation coverage, is a sampling delay unit which offers 6.5 seconds stereo sampling still a useful tool? David Mellor assesses Bel's new unit in comparison with a more expensive alternative.

Boss DD2 Digital Delay Pedal

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jun 1984

Boss have finally managed to get a fully-fledged digital delay unit into the compact dimensions of a pedal. Paul White finds out if the reduction in size has had any side-effects.

Boss DE-200 Digital Delay

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Feb 1984

A look at the latest in digital delay - that can be triggered by rhythm machine.

Boss DE200 Delay

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1984

Boss Digital Delay DE-200

Review | In Tune, Apr 1985

Boss DSD-2

Review | One Two Testing, Aug 1985

Boss DSD2

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Oct 1985

A modest newcomer to the sampling arena is Boss' DSD2 pedal. Paul White finds out if it's capable of more intelligent iterations than 'hangover'.

Boss Micro Rack

Review | One Two Testing, Aug 1985

home recording FX regime

Boss Micro Rack Additions

Review | International Musician, Mar 1986
Studio Test

RPQ-10 PREAMP/EQ, RSD-10 DIGITAL SAMPLER/DELAY Two hot new additions to the home-effects range. Tony Reed reports

Boss Micro Rack Series

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Aug 1985

For people with very narrow studios, Boss have introduced a very narrow effects rack... Martin Sheehan investigates.

Boss Pitch Shifter/Delay

Review | Sound On Sound, Aug 1986

This latest release in the popular Micro Rack range of budget signal processors is put through its paces by Mark Jenkins.



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