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Sound On Sound - July 1987


The Shape of Things to Come

Our regular monthly round-up of appetising new products from the field of hi-tech music and recording technology.

Arif Mardin

Question: What do Phil Collins, Howard Jones, Chaka Khan and David Bowie have in common? Answer: They have all recorded with Arif Mardin, one of the world's top record producers. Robin Tolleson chats to the man himself...

Reader Profile

Another two Sound On Sound readers reveal what they get up to with all their hi-tech gear.

Digital Recordings

Sound engineer David Mellor checks out the most boring Compact Disc in the world: Korg's first digital collection of sound samples!

How It Works - The Microphone Part 5

Continuing our 'How It Works' series, David Mellor lays bare the facts about the applications and workings of the commonest types of microphone.

Fix it in the Mix

With A Sampling Keyboard

Sampling keyboards offer far more creative scope for sound manipulation than most people give them credit for and they can be a real life-saver during studio mixdowns. Craig Anderton reveals some modern day production tips that will allow you to put your sampler to good use.

Inside Views: Ray Dolby

The world's best known engineer

Ray Dolby's name appears on almost every recording device imaginable, yet few people outside the industry know much about this most famous engineer. In a rare interview he talks to David Mellor and explains the evolution of Dolby noise reduction.

Yamaha DMP7 Digital Mixer

Digital Mixing Processor

A fully automated, digital mixer with built-in multi-effects and full MIDI control for under £3,000? Hard to believe. David Mellor visits the Yamaha research and development centre in London to try out this amazing innovation in the flesh and discovers that the DMP7 is no fantasy!

Sequential Studio 440

Sequential's One Man Band

Paul Wiffen first encountered the Studio 440 sampling drum machine several months ago when he was called in to help Stevie Wonder suss out his! It has since become the mainstay of his own programming armoury. Here he tells why...

Dr T's Keyboard Controlled Sequencer

Mark Badger explores the programming environment of Dr T's 48-track keyboard controlled MIDI sequencing software for the Atari ST range of computers and draws some interesting conclusions...

Digital Reverb Guide

Mark Jenkins brings you a round-up of the current state of the digital reverb market.


When it comes to the MIDIVERB II, Phil South discovers that sequels can sometimes be better than the originals!

The Holistic Author

Douglas Adams

Would you believe that the author of the mega-successful 'Hitch-Hiker's Guide To The Galaxy' is a fanatical devotee of the Macintosh computer and a MIDI enthusiast to boot? Richard Elen listens as the man tells why...

It's Cee Zee! Part 1

In Part One of this two-part Programmer's Guide to the Casio CZ range of synthesizers, Phil South maps out the territory beyond the factory presets.

Oberheim DPX1 Sample Player

Instead of following other keyboard manufacturers sheep-like into sampling machines, Oberheim have come up with a unique device which doesn't sample but replays disks from several other samplers. Paul Wiffen investigates.

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