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Sound On Sound - August 1991


Pretending To See The Future

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Your chance to catch up on whats happening in the whacky world of hi-tech music and recording.

Shape Of Things To Come

Yet another selection of recently announced new products to whet your appetite!

Sweet Little Sixteen

Tascam MSR16S Multitrack

Having made its debut on the new generation of affordable 1" 24-tracks, Dolby S has now given a new lease of life to Tascam's MSR16S. Dave Lockwood explains why.

Patrick Leonard

Patrick Leonard

Patrick Leonard has a surprisingly low profile for the producer and cowriter of many of Madonna's biggest hits, but his production work and nascent solo career suggest that wider recognition is on the way. Paul Tingen meets a man of many talents and strong views.

Digitech DSP16

Effects Processor

David Hughes checks out the DSP16, the most affordable of Digitech's new crop of effects units.

How To Become An Atari ST Power User Part 1


The first part of a short series in which Martin Russ expands, exploits and explores the Atari ST computer.

Roland JX1

Performance Synthesizer

Whilst their flagship JD800 synth has inevitably attracted a good deal of attention, Roland have not neglected the entry level user in their new range of products. Julian Colbeck sounds out the small but almost perfectly-formed JX1.

The Art Of Recording Electronic Instruments

Recording acoustic instruments is a fine art, but electronic instruments present their own set of problems. Craig Anderton explains how to do it properly.

The Dynamic Duo

Alesis 3630 Compressor/Limiter & Alesis RA100 Reference Amplifier

Alesis made their name on high-quality, low-cost digital effects units, and their latest products offer the same affordable quality on two basic analogue units — a compressor and an amplifier. Dave Lockwood conducts the field test.

Analogue Synths

In The Digital Age

The digital revolution has not quite killed off the analogue synthesizer, and vintage or vintage-style instruments have an enduring appeal. Julian Colbeck looks at why this should be so.

Hands On: Revox B77 Master Recorder

Continuing his practical guide to proven pieces of studio and music equipment, David Mellor looks this month and next at the world's two most popular stereo master recorders.

Oberheim Drummer & Strummer

MIDI Processors

An interactive drum sequencer and a keyboard to guitar chord convertor are the first new products to emerge from revitalised synth pioneers Oberheim Electronics. Kendall Wrightson gets on the case.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from the software manufacturers themselves. This month: C-Lab and Steinberg.

Sounding Off

Beating The Block

Rowland Jones on how to beat writer's block when composing.

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