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Electronics & Music Maker - October 1985


Keeping Music Live

Is there a future for live electronic music ?

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...Featuring a full report on musical activities at the Personal Computer World show.

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If you've got a view to air on hi-tech music, equipment, or anyone else's view, this is the place to air it.

Worlds In A Small Room

Richard Barbieri, Steve Jansen

A prolonged period of silence from two ex-Japan members may have lead same to believe they've said all they have to say. Dan Goldstein and Tim Goodyer discover this is not the case.

Boss DSD2

A modest newcomer to the sampling arena is Boss' DSD2 pedal. Paul White finds out if it's capable of more intelligent iterations than 'hangover'.

The Fifth Dimension

Yamaha DX5

Merely two DX7s in a box, or a valid addition to the Yamaha range of FM digital keyboards? Simon Trask takes the mid-price algorithm through its paces, and comes to mixed conclusions.

Shriek Back In Anger


Tim Goodyer talks to Carl Marsh, guitarist with E&MM's idiosyncratic cover artists, about Oil and Gold, rock and roll, and the Jupiter 8 versus the DX7.

The Beat Goes On...

Syntron Software

Trish McGrath investigates a software package for the Commodore 64 dedicated to the delicate art of rhythm programming. It sounds better than you'd think.

TechTalk Part 2

John Chowning

Part 2 of an in-depth interview with Job Chowning, inventor of FM digital synthesis. Simon Trask gets in a few more questions than he did last month.

Sequential Potential

Prophet 2000

An exclusive preview of Sequential's attempt at combining an analogue polysynth with a digital sampling keyboard. It could turn the market on its head yet again, says Dan Goldstein.

System Exclusive

Music System Software

A software package for the CBM64 sets out to utilise the SID chip but involves MIDI along the way. Simon Trask investigates the consequences, now that Island Logic have given way to Firebird.


The price guide to end all price guides. This time, we return to drum machines and electronic drum kits, and find a lot has changed in three months.

Auntie's Playroom

BBC Radiophonic Workshop

Plenty has changed since E&MM last ventured into the hallowed chambers of Maida Vale. Simon Trask reports from the studio that started it all, but now seems aloof from the modern music scene.

The Composer's Contract

Michael Nyman

An ex-music critic turns prolific avant garde composer and finds himself in demand from the Time Out fraternity. Dan Goldstein talks to the man everyone calls a systems music composer—wrongly.

Delay Tactics

Roland SDE2500 Delay

Following last month's excursion into the world of digital reverb, Paul 'Poodle' White puts the latest Roland DDL through its paces and assesses the results.

A Bit On The Side

Bit 99 Polysynth

The very latest from Chase has a lot to live up to in following the Bit One synth and Bit 01 expander. Can it cut it? Tim Goodyer thinks it can.

In Memory Of A Festival
Show Report

UK Electronica

It was once the UK's biggest celebration of live electronic music, but it didn't fare too well in 1985. Dan Goldstein reports.

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Music Review

More music from signed and unsigned bands alike. Tim Goodyer and Dan Goldstein take a closer look at what's on offer this month.

BeeBMIDI Monitor Part 1

E&MM's latest piece of MIDI software is a program that intercepts MIDI communication between instruments and displays it on a computer monitor for all to see. Introduction by Jay Chapman.

A Gallery of Misfits Part 2

Following last month's list of synthesis casualties, David Ellis delves deeper into the archives and finds yet more mysterious products of human ingenuity. Some of them are quite spectacular.

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