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Electronics & Music Maker - April 1986


Technology For The Common Man

The distance between the affordable and the state-of-the-art. Is it getting narrower?

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MIDI for the Juno 6 and 60, further software developments from Joreth, and a series of electronic music concerts in London are among April's hot news items.

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The forum of E&MM readers' comment, opinion and debate.

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A further selection of technical Questions and Answers.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Exclusive Competition

Spot the names of 16 Toa endorsees in our exclusive wordsearch puzzle, and you could win a free headset mic system or a pair of monitor speakers.

Ready For Lift-Off

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

Is there more to Britain's latest megastars than a barrel-load of hype, a few jars of hair gel and a clever Giorgio Moroder production job? After talking to the band, Tim Goodyer thinks there is.

Yamaha QX21 MIDI Sequencer

The Nippon Gakki people have updated their budget QX7 MIDI Recorder by giving it a few extra facilities - and slashing its selling price in half. Simon Trask investigates.

360 Systems MIDI Bass

At last, someone has come up with a sample-playing device that specialises in reproducing bass voices - from a double bass to a Moog synth. Brian Devereux reports.

MoPro Atari 520ST MIDI Software

Chris Jenkins gets to grips with the first multitrack MIDI recording package for Atari's hi-spec, hi-tech home computer. Does it deliver the goods?

Sycologic M16

MIDI Matrix

If ever there was an interfacing unit that looked likely to solve all MIDI routing problems in one go, the M16 is it. Paul Wiffen checks it out.

Digisound PK1 PitchTracker

Most pitch-tracking machines cost a second mortgage to get hold of, but Digisound's new offering offers CV/Gate compatibility for around £200. Paul White has the details.

Article Group:
Future Shock

Fairlight Series III

Simon Trask takes the bull by the horns and previews the latest 16-bit, £60,000 version of the Fairlight CMI. Millionaires have never had it so good, and there's more to come from Australia...

PPG Realizer

Closer to home in West Germany, PPG are putting the finishing touches to a new computer music system that could revolutionise the way we go about programming sounds. Dan Goldstein reports.


could make a star of you | Belouis Some

Behind the classic 'Imagination' single lies a sensitive songwriter with a keen ear for melody and a fascination for modern technology. Tim Goodyer talks to Neville Keighley and his session keyboardsman, Peter Oxendale.

Second Time Around

Korg Poly 800II Polysynth

Korg's popular polyphonic synthesiser gets a new coat of paint and a built-in digital delay line. Dan Goldstein finds out if it's still top of the budget synth tree.

Video In The Dark

Mike Oldfield

After over a decade at the forefront of instrumental music, Mike Oldfield is branching out into video and film. Annabel Scott visits the man's new audiovisual studio, and pops a few pertinent questions.

Beauty And The Beat

Casio RZ1 Sampling Drum Machine

Fancy an Emulator SP12 for £350? Casio have something approaching it in the new RZ1, the world's first 'affordable' digital drum box with onboard sampling facilities. Dan Goldstein says nevermind the quality...

Vox Pop

Microvox Sampling System

Simon Trask delves deeper into what could be the most sophisticated computer-based sound sampler. It's British, and it costs less than any dedicated machine.


A Music Technology Phenomenon

An exclusive report on the Eastern Bloc consortium that's preparing to do battle with the best the West can offer. Last year's Anticipation Sampler was brilliant, but the 1986 machines are better still.

Sequencer Checklist

Our unique buyers' guide lists dedicated sequencers, software packages and computer music systems. Nothing else comes close.

King Of Techno Pop

Mike Howlett

Few producers begin their careers with experimental bands, become world-renowned for their work with electronic pop, and then turn their attention to traditional rock music. Paul Tingen talks to Mike Howlett, a man of many talents.

TechTalk - Living Off Video

Rob Hubbard

If you're a frustrated synth programmer looking for an outlet to use your talents, you could become a soundtrack writer for computer games. Matthew Vosburgh meets one of Britain's best.

Reverb In Wonderland

Alesis MIDIverb

Digital reverb comes of age, in the shape of a new American unit that abandons user-programmability in favour of great-sounding presets, and does it at an incredibly low price. Paul White enthuses.

Ivory Tech

Technics PX1 Digital Piano

The PX1 heralds a new generation of electronic pianos that aims to provide acoustic sound quality in a more versatile, up-to-date format. Julian Colbeck meets the latest Japanese Joanna.

This article has no OCR bodytext.OutTakes
Music Review

E&MM's reviewing team gets to grips with records by Chris & Cosey, Dolby & Sakamoto and Brian Eno, demo cassettes from ambitious readers, and the first-ever UK concert by systems composer Terry Riley.


Casio CZ101, Korg Poly 800, Roland SH101 and Yamaha DX100 synths feature in this month's edition of the readers' synth sound page. Keep 'em coming...

Up and Running

Sophie and Peter Johnston

If the major labels let you down and you're writing sophisticated electro-pop, forming your own record company is one way of getting your message across. Annabel Scott meets a remarkable brother-and-sister duo.

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