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Electronics & Music Maker - May 1986

A Change of Programme

How we use synths - and why the Prophet VS might force us to change our attitudes.

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New Gold Dream

Tangerine Dream

The world's best-known electronic music band have reached a crossroads, with a line-up change, a lengthy concert tour and an uncertain recording future. Annabel Scott talks to them.

Mirage Multisampler

Simon Trask takes a look at the Mirage's rack-mounting counterpart, and finds it even better value than the keyboard version.

Sound Designer 2000 Software

Digidesign's sound-editing software for the Emulator II has now been adapted for the Prophet 2000: Brian Devereux gives it the thumbs-up.

Casio CZ230S Keyboard

What the ghetto blaster is to hi-fi, the CZ230S is to synthesisers. Annabel Scott takes a spin in Casio's streetwise preset synth.

Emulator SP12 Updates

Paul Wiffen peers inside the latest SP12 to find a host of clever modifications: they help keep the E-mu machine at the top of the beat-box tree.

The Power Behind the Button

Yamaha SPX90

With the help of new software technology, Yamaha's new multi-FX unit does the job of a half-dozen outboard machines. Paul White gives a rundown of what it can do, and how well it does it.

Drumatix Goes Digital

Roland TR505

Roland find another home for some 707/727 drum voices, and come up with a digital successor to the Drumatix. Trevor Gilchrist waxes lyrical on the best budget drum machine yet.

The Sound of the Voice

Korg DVP1 Vocoder

Korg's Digital Voice Processor is the first digital vocoder, but offers a number of other facilities as well. Tim Goodyer finds out what it has to say for itself.

The New Generation

Commodore Music System

If you're a computer manufacturer and you've got excess stocks to sell, you switch the emphasis to music. That's what Commodore have done, as Chris Jenkins reports.

Transatlantic Trends - Mr Mister

Mr Mister

Tim Goodyer talks to pin-up keyboardsman Steve George about life at the top of the charts on both sides of the Atlantic...

Transatlantic Trends - Saga


...while Annabel Scott listens to words of wisdom from a Transatlantic keyboardist of a very different kind - Saga's Jim Gilmour.

Amusement Arcade

Roland MPS & MUSE

Roland's first serious venture into software takes the form of composing packages for Commodore, Apple and IBM computers. Annabel Scott checks them out.

Music For Piano And Voice

Wim Mertens

Upcoming systems music composer chats to Simon Trask about modern technology, Renaissance music and Belgian pop.

Prophecy Fulfilled

Prophet VS

Is Vector Synthesis the answer to every programmer's prayers, or another technological blind alley getting in the way of music? Peter Schlesinger takes a long hard look at the digital Prophet.

Dodgy Practices

All the musical ideas, playing prowess and flash hardware in the world won't make your band sound good - unless you get the most out of rehearsals. Trevor Gilchrist offers some clues.

Remote Control

Oberheim Xk

Oberheim's first master keyboard has a load of clever facilities, but a price-tag high enough to give it some stiff competition. Simon Trask files his report.


Electronic Percussion Buyer's Guide

If you can hit it or make it sound as if you have, you'll find it listed in E&MM's exclusive rundown of what's available in the world of drum machines and electronic kits.

Patchwork Downloads

Readers' patches for DX7, CZ101 and Bit One synths, and the Yamaha CX5M micro. Keep 'em coming...

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