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Electronics & Music Maker - August 1986

Music And Business

Fairs are great for demonstrating technology, but do they do enough to further the cause of music?

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The latest on all the new music machines, including those announced at the NAMM show in Chicago, plus an opportunity to win a free ticket to the British Music Fair.

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Latest pick from the bulging E&MM postbag.

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It's question and answer time again, with E&MM's experts on hand to answer your queries on equipment and music.

Modes of Operation

Depeche Mode

After five years at the top of the electropop tree, Basildon boys Martin Gore and Alan Wilder talk tech with Paul Tingen.

E-Mu Systems Emax

Sampling Keyboard

The 'baby Emulator', announced only a month ago, gets put through its paces by Paul Wiffen at E-mu's Californian HQ. It's good.

Roland MC500 Sequencer

A preview of Roland's first software-based digital recorder. As Paul Wiffen reports, it takes over where the MSQ range left off.

The Time Machine
Retrospective (Gear)

You may remember the Minimoog and the ARP Odyssey, but when was the first time you saw an EMS VCS3? Annabel Scott travels back to the days of VCAs, VCFs and non-programmability.

In The Mood

Michael Brook

A Canadian guitarist with a low profile but a high pedigree pays a visit to Britain. Tim Goodyer finds out about the infinite guitar and the infancy of FM synthesis.

In The Mix

AHB Keymix

Simon Trask takes an in-depth look qt a computer-controlled modular mixer. Does MIDI programmability represent the future of the mixing console?

You And Me Both


Electropop veteran Vince Clarke and latest partner, Andy Bell, discuss composing, sampling and singing following their debut album release. Tim Goodyer takes notes.

I Want Your Samples

As sound-sampling becomes accepted as a technique, what will musicians do with their machines after the novelty has worn off? Chris Meyer takes a sideways look.

Central Control

Ensoniq ESQ1 Polysynth

The Mirage people announce a synth that uses analogue and digital technology, throws in a multitrack sequencer, and costs just over £1000. Paul Wiffen checks it out.

Patchwork Downloads

Another collection of readers' own sound patches, with the Korg DW8000, Oberheim Matrix 6, Yamaha DX7 and Casio CZ range all featuring.

Sound Effects

Alesis MIDIfex

Hot on the heels of the remarkable MIDIverb, the MIDIfex takes reverb-derived sound treatments a step further, while retaining a low price-tag. Paul White has the details.

Amiga - Theory And Practice

David Ellis buys a Commodore Amiga and looks at the latest software written for it. The music is good, the graphics are better - but what does the future hold?

Stack In A Rack Part 2

Tanrak System

Ian Waugh concludes our appraisal of Tantek's budget modular FX system, and reveals there's plenty more to come in the near future.

Raising The Standard

MSX Software

Is the Japanese computer standard a dead duck, or will the latest music and video software from Toshiba and Pioneer save the day? Annabel Scott has the answers.

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