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Music Technology - April 1990

Soft Wars

Technolust or techno paranoia - when does the love of technical development turn into fear of your gear becoming outdated? Tim Goodyer takes a short course in techno-psychotherapy.

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Advance information on some of the developments due to appear at this year's Frankfurt music show appears in this month's helping of news from the hi-tech music industry.

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Readers' writes on matters hi-tech and musical - a leading London retailer replies over computer viruses while the women have the last word on sexism in music.

Yamaha SY55

Reviewed as the TG55 expander last month, one of Yamaha's new children has grown a keyboard and sequencer and become an instrument in its own right. Ian Waugh gives a SY of relief.

Mark Of The Unicorn Performer

Software for Apple Macintosh

Now some five years old, MOTU's Performer Mac sequencing software has undergone a series of significant upgrades. Kendall Wrightson boots up version 3.2.

Yamaha SY22


Yamaha's new SY22 combines RCM synthesis with elements of the Prophet VS's vector synthesis to give us Dynamic Vector Synthesis. Simon Trask previews the return of the joystick synth.

On The Grid

The Grid

When Soft Cell disbanded, Marc Almond quickly established himself as a solo artist, but what became of his keyboard-playing partner? David Bradwell talks to David Ball about his latest project.

On The Beat Part 9

Ignoring the sunshine and the siestas, this month's On The Beat concentrates on the sounds and the instruments of Brazil. Nigel Lord guides us through the samba Batucada and the Maracatu.

The Digital Muse Prodigy

Software for the Atari ST

Son of TDM's Virtuoso ST sequencing software, the budget Prodigy retains many of its parent's best features. Ian Waugh checks out the fastest little sequencer in the west.

The Big Picture

Been to the flicks recently? Impressed by the sound system? Thought not. Tim Goodyer looks at the current plight of cinema sound and some of the digital alternatives.

Eventide H3000 Ultra-Harmoniser

Signal Processor

Eventide call it their Ultra-harmoniser, but is it worthy to follow in the footsteps of their standard-setting model 910? Vic Lennard and technology in perfect harmony.

Steinberg Cubase v1.5

Software for the Atari ST

Meanwhile, at the other extreme of ST sequencing, Steinberg's Cubase program gains a real-time MIDI Manager and a large-format monitor. Nigel Lord touches a new base.

Voodoo Chile

A Guy Called Gerald

You can't discuss the Manchester dance movement without A Guy Called Gerald. Simon Trask talks success and setbacks to one of Britain's most influential young artists.

The Performing Art Part 3

A synth is only as good as its sounds - and that goes for any synth controller too - sax, violin, guitar... Ollie Crooke And Simon Thomas look at sound programming for MIDI controllers.

Roland R8M

Total Percussion Sound Module

From the R8 Human Rhythm Composer comes the Total Percussion Sound Module "humanising' without a sequencer? Simon Trask investigates Roland's latest beat box and a selection of sound cards.

Microdeal Replay Professional

Atari ST Sampler

Turning your ST into a sampler is one way of getting into sampling on the cheap. Ian Waugh sounds out an improved version of Microdeal's successful Replay sampler.

Music Of The Spheres

A hot new discovery from one of Britain's oldest universities threatens to revolutionise music broadcasting. Tim Goodyer's exclusive on a development that could change the world - literally.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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