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Music Technology - May 1990

On The Network

With so many musicians using computers, what is the role of computer networking? Does it have anything to offer the musician, and if so, why isn't it more commonplace?

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Whether it's effects processors, CD sample libraries or software developments and updates you're looking for, MT's news pages will bring you up to date.

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One reader wants to begin a Lynex Sampler users' group, another wants to discuss apathy in the music business and reckoned we wouldn't be bothered to print his letter.

Digital Music Archives Classical Collection

Classical music on computer sequencers has been on the cards (disks?) for years now it's happened, but does it work? Ian Waugh boots up Bach, Handel, Mozart...

On The Beat Part 10

Part 10 of this rhythm programming series covers a selection of fascinating rhythms indigenous to the exotic countries of South America. Nigel Lord gets a studio tan.

Rhodes Model 660 & 760

RS-PCM Keyboards

Responding to the demand for accessible synthesisers, Roland's Rhodes division has come up with the first of a series of "playable" instruments. Simon Trask checks their performance.

Clocking In

The pro-standard SMPTE sync code is now working itself down to many semi-pro and amateur studios - but even the best systems bring their problems. Vic Lennard presents a SMPTE troubleshooters' guide.

Dr T'S T-Basic

Software for the Atari ST

Until now writing MIDI software has been the preserve of a few dedicated individuals, but T-Basic offers to make MIDI programming accessible to the masses. Ian Waugh gets online.

International Rescue

Beats International

When Norman Cook walked away from The Housemartins he walked into hi-tech record production and remixing: now he's topped the charts with Beats International. Tim Goodyer talks to a computer convert.

A Profusion Of Dreams
Show Report


Trade shows often make the best stage for unveiling new equipment - did this year's Frankfurt show witness any revolutions? Simon Trask brings the news from Germany.

The Pioneer

György Ligeti

From artistic oppression under Stalin to contributing to Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, György Ligeti has remained a true music pioneer. Simon Trask talks to a musical legend.

Icon Research APB1

MIDI Controlled Audio Patchbay

Whether you're running a commercial studio or a bedroom recording suite'. a programmable MIDI Patchbay could revolutionise your working methods. Nigel Lord is on the patch.

Boss Dr Rhythm DR550

Drum Machine

The latest in Boss' Dr Rhythm series drum machines sees affordability crossed with the sort of quality reserved for Roland's R8 flagship. Simon Trask asks if you can beat it.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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