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Music Technology - November 1990

A Change Of Program

Programmability on synthesisers - a convenience or an essential part of the evolution of electronic instruments and music? Tim Goodyer considers the real implications of something we all take for granted.

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Dear Anne Robinson, I've heard that Music Technology's readers' letters page is a hotbed of hi-tech intercourse, and yet it's freely available to children of all ages - can I order an extra copy?

Roland MV30 Studio M

Unveiled at this year's BMF, Roland's MV30 combines a sequencer, multitimbral synthesiser and an automated mixer in a single unit. Simon Trask previews a new direction in synth technology.

The Sampler & The Soul

With its ability to manipulate sounds and music, the digital sampler has probably caused more arguments than any other musical instrument to date. Peter Ridsdale takes an alternative view.

Anatek Studio Merge

MIDI Merger

From the humble origins of their Pocket Merge, Anatek have refined a powerful eight-way MIDI merging system that could become essential to the serious MIDI studio. Vic Lennard merges with the elite.


Piano Module

E-mu Systems' latest expanders are dedicated to the sounds of the piano - drawing on samples from the popular Proteus, how can they fail? Simon Trask tinkles the ivories.

The Prophet And The Rising Sun Part 1

Dave Smith

Designer of the revolutionary Prophet 5, prime mover behind MIDI and now one of Korg's chief designers, Dave Smith's career is unique in hi-tech music. Simon Trask conducts the exclusive MT interview.

Tascam 688 Midistudio

Tascam caused a recording revolution when they introduced the world to the Portastudio, now their Midistudio line looks set to take musicians on another quantum leap. Nigel Lord moves into the 21st century.

Techno Rhythim

Derrick May

Now making a huge impact in the north of Britain, Detroit's techno music owes its roots to a handful of far-sighted pioneers - amongst them Derrick May. Simon Trask discusses the future of electronic music.


VALHALA D50 Sound Cards

Under the spotlight in this month's Patchwork are the stablemates to the astounding Valhala M1 sound cards - those for Roland's D50. Gordon Reid asks "can they maintain the standard?".

Evolution Synthesis EVS1

Synthesiser Expander Module

Looking for a digital complement to analogue gear or another expander to take the pressure off the rest of your rack? Ian Waugh discovers sonic flexibility at a price you can afford.

The Heart Of The Bass

William Orbit

From his formative days experimenting with Torchsong, William Orbit has made good through his remixes and a new outfit called Bass-o-matic. Tim Goodyer watches time catch up with a techno-prophet.

Yamaha DD11

Digital Drums

Intriguing cries of "hit me" from the recording studio have been traced to Yamaha's new DD11 percussion controller. Simon Trask asks, can it be beaten?

Running Status

Largely misunderstood, MIDI's running status protocol can be used effectively to streamline a MIDI system - as long as you know how to take advantage of it. Vic Lennard stretches his legs.

Dr T's Tiger Cub

Software for the Atari ST

Notorious for the numerical approach of their programs, Dr T's have incorporated GEM friendliness in their latest Atari ST sequencer and scorewriter. Ian Waugh reckons it's purrfect for those on a tight budget.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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