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Music Technology - March 1994


As close to the cutting edge as you can get without needing stitches...

Brave New World

The World Of CD-i

Indie label Rhythm King are now packaging their artists on CD-i. Simon Trask uncovers the growing links between music marketing and computer games.

The A-Z of Analogue Part 8

Part 8 - GEM to Groove Electronics.

Shared Interests Part 1

Shareware & Public Domain software

Mountains of useful programs can be yours for nothing! Well, it's a public service, innit? declares Ian Waugh.

Future Talk Part 2

Future Sound of London

Part 2: what would you do with a Sony Betacam video edit suite next to your S1000? Simon Trask continues to track FSOL's audio-visual path...

Seeding the future - or burying the past?

Cyberseed cyber-festival

Cyber culture comes to Britain for a multimedia club night. William Gibson couldn't make it, but you can always rely on Simon Trask for an honest report.

Article Group:
Quality Control

The most authoritative reviews around.

Yamaha TG300

General MIDI sound module

Is there more to CM than meets the ear?

SoundPool Audio Master

direct-to-disk recording system for the Atari Falcon

Budget DTD reaches the world of Atari.

Bars & Pipes Professional

v.2 sequencing software for the Amiga

Amiga owners in new software sequencer shock!

MIDI Gesture & MIDI Creator

interactive music controllers

You move - it programs. A first step towards virtual reality music?

GRI-Soft CP-Gen

universal MIDI controller for the Atari ST

An editor for all synths - SysEx permitting...

Bluepoint Corporation Sound FX Classic 3000

sound card for the PC

An MT exclusive on a card set to make waves in PC music.

Pulsar Zero 4001 & Litefoot

lighting control for musicians

Look - no hands! Play and display even without MIDI.

Sunrise Software PC Drummer

drum pattern editor

Yet more useful kit for PC musicians. Honestly, we're spoiling you...

Short Cuts

Making Music Keyfax 4: Samplers & Controllers by Julian Colbeck Computer Manuals Windows Stuff Microsoft Forgot! by Ed Tiley Music Of Life George Clinton sample CD

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Music Review

This is the age of the autonomous artist/producer making^ hits at home. Are

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Lettuce to the Editor


Dream Frequency

If you'd just like to fill this in, the Doctor will see you in a moment. Thank you, Dream Frequency's Ian Bland.


A 2-page Paracetamol for your technical headaches.

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Music Review

What do you think of that disc, Marina -isn't it terrific? New works from Aphex Twin, Underworld, Enigma, Richard Kirk and Shriekback reviewed.

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