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Recording Musician - April 1993


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Dear Claire: My mixer hums, my headphones pick up Radio 2 and my monitors have been eaten by a Rottweiler. What should I do?

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Lamont announces huge recording studio subsidies! Negative VAT on synthesizers! Council grants for Portastudio insulation! Listed building status for all analogue tape machines! NOT!

John Jones & Duran Duran

Recording 'Ordinary World' | Duran Duran

The big names have more in common with home recording than you might think — most of this album was recorded in the guitarist's lounge!

It Ain't Heavy - It's My Carlsbro

Carlsbro CDX 8:2 Powered Mixer

A lot of power, a lot of mixer and a versatile digital reverb in a very portable package.

Sound Bites

More meaty studio hints and tips to get your teeth into.

Tubular Steal

Drawmer 1960 Dual Valve Compressor

Valves and chips combine to produce a compressor that is flexible, flattering and very friendly. But then it's built in Yorkshire, so it should be.

Multitrack Media

Analogue tape, digital tape or hard disk? All have strengths and weaknesses, some of which are more obvious than others; this comprehensive overview unscrews the inscrutable.

Marshall Arts

Marshall JMP1 Valve MIDI Guitar Preamp

MIDI, metal mayhem and the Marshall logo add up to an impressive package. We find out whether it justifies its price tag.

Magnificent Seven

Studiomaster P7 Multitrack Mixing Console

Studiomaster have at last entered the in-line console fray with this well-specified and attractively-priced desk. RM checks it out.

Effective Reverb Part 2

Drums and Percussion

Nowhere is the correct use of reverb more important than in the treatment of drum and percussion sounds. We reveal all — and we tell you a bit about reverb too.

Live Sound Part 6

Stage Monitoring

A practical look at on-stage monitoring for small and awkward gigs.

Digitech Vocalist II

Your Plastic Pal Who's Fun To Sing With

You can produce vocal pyrotechnics little short of magic with this rackmount version of the acclaimed VHM5 Vocalist. Our reviewer sings its praises.

The Producers

A complete history of record production accompanied by quotations and anecdotes from no fewer than 18 of the world's leading producers.

Multitrack Mixers Part 3

The Master Section

This month we scrutinise the master section of a typical multitrack mixing console and ponder the meaning of PFL, talkback and that small grey button that goes "neep neep".

Production Lines - Mike Howlett

Mike Howlett predicts that the currently moribund state of the record industry is simply a cyclic phenomenon, and that things will soon be on the upturn.

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