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Sound On Sound - February 1989


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More thrill-packed pages of news, views, and juicy hot gossip!

Shape of Things to Come

Three jam-packed pages of hot new products.

Pandora DXessory

A Practical FM Editing Solution?

Martin Russ explores the merits of Desk Accessory programs with a look at this Atari-based 'pop-up' DX editor from Pandora Technology.

High Noon!

Steinberg 'Twelve' MIDI Recorder

Steinberg have divided Pro24 roughly in half and have arrived at what may well turn out to be the best answer for many people starting out, namely a 'new' low-priced 12-track sequencer called Twelve. David Pickering Pick investigates.

Roland R8 Rhythm Composer

Paul Ireson beats a path to the door of Roland's new flagship drumbox and finds a groovy kind of love.

Hybrid Arts ADAP1 Soundrack

Why buy a sampler when you already have one? If you own an Atari ST then you possess one of the major components of any sampling instrument - the memory. With the ADAP1 Soundrack software and processing units your ST can be transformed into a MIDI sampler and powerful post-production tool. David Mellor reports.

C-Lab Unitor

SMPTE/EBU Synchroniser

David Mellor reviews this SMPTE/EBU timecode unit dedicated to C-Lab's Creator and Notator sequencing and scorewriting software for the Atari.

MIDI Futures at the BBC

The unique demands on the BBC Radiophonic Workshop have placed it in the forefront of developments in high technology music. Their latest development- a new style of MIDI suite - is an innovation not only in terms of the technology that's employed, but also in the geography’ of the working environment. Richard Elen takes an exclusive first look at the new studio.

Eno: Thoughts, Words, Music and Art Part 2

Brian Eno

Part 2: Mark Prendergast continues his in-depth look at the formation of Eno’s new record company, Land Records, and the use of electronics in his music.

Fighting Hard!

Kawai Q80 Sequencer

Kawai's first ever dedicated MIDI sequencer may have to fight hard to make its mark in an already overcrowded market, but it has one major advantage over the competition - its price! Julian Colbeck reports.

Paradise Re-Found

Southlands Studio

Paul Ireson goes in search of paradise and finds it in the newly renamed and refitted Southlands Studio in Chiswick, London.

How to Set Up a Home Studio Part 3

Soldering Techniques & Wiring Looms

Part 3: If you are a home studio builder, then sooner or later you are going to have to solder. And unless you like tangled cables, you will need to be able to make up your own wiring looms. David Mellor offers a man-in-the-street’s guide to simple and reliable wiring techniques.



Paul Ireson converses with 50% of Switzerland’s most exciting export since milk chocolate - Dieter Meier of Yello.

Software Support

More hints, tips and update news from the world of music software.

Sounding Off

Countdown To The Music Network

Deputy Editor Paul Gilby reveals what this magazine will be doing on The Music Network - Europe’s brand new computer communications system for musicians and the music industry. Read all about it!

Sound On Sound - Copyright: SOS Publications Ltd.
The contents of this magazine are re-published here with the kind permission of SOS Publications Ltd.


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