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Sound On Sound - September 1989


Budget 24-Track

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Shape of Things to Come

A pictorial taste of some of the hot new products unveiled at last month's British Music Fair.

Digital Dream Baby

Casio DA2 DAT Recorder

Following hot on the heels of their DA1, Casio have now released the DA2 portable DAT recorder. Paul Ireson takes a look at what's new.

Roland D5

Roland's D5 is the latest addition to their range of LA synthesizers. Paul Ireson takes a look at a budget keyboard with some great features.

Studiomaster Proline 16.8.16 Mixer

Offering 32 inputs on mixdown, four auxiliary sends, flexible EQ and the added benefit of a MIDI-controlled muting option, Studiomaster's ProLine 16.8.16 mixer has a lot going for it. Gareth Stuart checks it out.

Budget 24-Track

Have you always wanted a 24-track studio but could never afford the gear? Well now, maybe you can. David Mellor looks at a package of equipment that offers 24 tape tracks at a budget price.


If you’re tired of playing keyboards and want a more imaginative way to create music, then this mouse-driven MIDI controller may prove an ideal alternative. Martin Russ investigates.


Designed by musicians for musicians, The Digital Muse’s long-awaited MIDI sequencer for the Atari ST offers 99 tracks, real-time multitasking operation, ultra-fast screen redraws, and a host of comprehensive features with which to make music. So does it live up to expectation? David Hughes finds out...

Tony Banks

Tony Banks

Keyboard player Tony Banks has been the foundation stone of Genesis' music for almost two decades now but has not experienced the same level of success in his work outside Genesis as past and present members of the band, Phil Collins, Mike Rutherford and Peter Gabriel. With two solo albums and numerous film scores behind him, Banks is set to bounce back into the limelight with a fresh, new solo project. Brian Jacobs poses the questions...

Inside the Synclavier Part 4

David Mellor concludes his exploration of the world's most expensive musical instrument with an interview with a musician who can actually afford one, Simon Franglen.

Getting into Video Part 1

Is video a mystery to you? Would you like to dip a toe into its murky waters, or are you worried about getting out of your depth too quickly? In this new series David Mellor explains the essentials of synchronising audio to video, and finds out what it is like to upgrade a home studio to audio post-production standard.

Going Solo

Robert John Godfrey

Until their recent split, Robert John Godfrey was the keyboard maestro behind The Enid, whose massive underground following throughout Europe made them arguably the biggest cult band outside of the States. Frank Ellis met him to talk about his new residential studio, a solo career, and a new approach to recording.

Tape Manipulation

David Mellor unlocks the creative power of the reel-to-reel tape recorder.

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About System Exclusive Part 6

(But Were Too Afraid To Ask!)

Martin Russ continues his detailed investigation into the inner secrets of MIDI's most powerful messages.

Peter Gabriel - Passion

Peter Gabriel

Mark J. Prendergast explores the recording process that surrounded Peter Gabriel's new album 'Passion' and takes a peep inside Gabriel's Real World studio complex.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from the world of music software.

The Music Network

SOS Online

Sounding Off

Kendall Wrightson argues the case for a universal editing interface for MIDI keyboards.

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