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Sound On Sound - November 1993


The Pioneering Spirit

This article has no OCR bodytext.Crosstalk

Problems solved by our experts.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Shape Of Things To Come

Latest news from the hi-tech music recording scene.

Switched-On Carlos

Wendy Carlos


Korg i3 Interactive Music Workstation

When is a home keyboard not a home keyboard? When it's Korg's new interactive music workstation.


DSP Sample Looping Tools For Macintosh


Soundcraft Spirit Folio 4 Mixing Console

Soundcraft's ultra quiet mixer goes multitrack.

Designs On The Future
Show Report

Roland Desk Top Media Press Conference

Break Points

Gajits Breakthru Sequencer For Atari ST

We put this value for money Atari sequencer through its paces.

Wot, No Keyboards? Part 3

The Alternative MIDI Controllers Session

Sennheiser MD Series Microphones

MD511 • MD512 • MD515 • MD516

Alan Parsons

20 years of Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon | Alan Parsons

Original engineer on the 'Dark Side Of The Moon' sessions, Alan Parsons, explains the 20th anniversary remastering of this classic album.

Energy Technology VKP1

Valve Keyboard Preamp

Wonder Stuff?

The Miracle Piano Teaching System

Article Group:
On The Record

Each month, Sound On Sound provides you with practical help in making your own music. But what happens when you have a finished 'product', a track or collection of tracks that's just crying out to be heard by the general public? There are many routes to commercial success, and over the next 40 pages this ON THE RECORD special will be exploring some of them.

On The Record

What A&R Managers want from your demo

For many musicians, their first stab at getting their music heard is sending a demo to a record company or producer. But what do the people who listen to demos every day want from your tape? Sue Sillitoe finds out.

DIY Music

All You Need To Know About Making Your Own Records

Some musicians and bands decide to take their future success into their own hands, by putting money into producing their own records. Tony Batchelor and Sue Silutoe take the mystery out of making your own CD, vinyl or cassette release, from initial Session Tape to final product.

Mastering at Home

An essential part of a release you can be proud of is a good master tape — and today's sophisticated equipment means that you may be able to do at home what was once the province of mastering studios. Craig Anderton explains.

State Of Independence

Dave Stewart On Going It Alone In The Music Biz | Dave Stewart

The major record company route is not the only one to musical success. Dave Stewart has successfully avoided the majors and still manages to make a good living from his home-produced music. Here, he charts his musical history.

Ian Boddy

Space Cadet | Ian Boddy

Electronic music is one area where independent status is the general rule. Ian Boddy is one of the UK's foremost electronic musicians, with a label he set up especially for his own releases. David Hughes gets the full story.

The DMC Story

Tony Prince & The Disco Mix Club | Tony Price

The ingenuity and foresight of DJ Tony Prince resulted in the creation of the DMC record label, the hub of the thriving UK dance remixing scene. Wilf Smarties talks to Tony about how and why the label was set up and persuades remixer Phil Kelsey to take us through a typical remix.

Remixing With Phil Kelsey

Phil Kelsey

The art of remixing laid bare by DMC's top remixer.

Practical Studio Design Part 4

Floors & Ceilings

Viscount EFX1 & 2

Digital Effects Processors

PC Notes

Article Group:

Concise Reviews Of Essential Accessories

Sample Shop

Wilf Smarties gives a new batch of CDs a spin.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Demo Doctor

John Harris dissects and diagnoses your demos.

Production Lines

Nick Davis

Genesis, Marillion and Fuzzbox producer Nick Davis suggests how British music might regain some lost magic.

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