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Cheetah Sound Sampler

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1987

Add-ons for small computers are getting more and more professional in their facilities, their quality and their presentation, as Chris Jenkins discovers.

Calculated Risk?

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Nov 1984

MusiCalc Software. The best software yet for the Commodore 64?

Commodore FM Editor/Composer

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1987

Chris Jenkins again, with a new program that lets Commodore owners look inside the Yamaha-licensed FM sound chip. A DX7 for sixpence?

BBC News

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Jan 1985
Organ Master/Island Logic

An add-on sound board, and a comprehensive disc-based music system for the Beeb micro.

Cheetah MK5 Controller Keyboard

Preview | Music Technology, Feb 1987

Chris Jenkins looks at a master keyboard of a very different kind, from the people who brought you drum machine and sampling add-ons for home computers.

Digital Dynamite

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Jan 1985

The CZ101 is the spearhead of Casio's first serious onslaught on the pro-synth market. We check out this contender for the DX's digital synthesis crown.

Paradigm Omni-Banker

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1988
Software for the Atari ST

A patch librarian that can be tucked away as a desktop utility. Chris Jenkins boots up this American software for the Atari ST.

Oh My Darling 49

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Mar 1985

Will there be a rush to purchase Siel's new CMK 49 computer gizmo? We pass judgement.

Yamaha SY35

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1992
Music Synthesizer

The name might not be memorable - how about the synth?

The MAX Factor

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Feb 1985

A multitracking keyboard for the computer musician.

Casio SZ-1 Sequencer

Review | Sound On Sound, Nov 1985
The Next Logical Step

This 4 track MIDI sequencer is a step in the right direction for Casio but have the budget restrictions limited its appeal?

One In A Million

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Feb 1985
Millioniser 2000

The Millioniser 2000, a synth harmonica that may sound as odd as it looks.

Big Brother

Review | Sound On Sound, Oct 1986
Casio CZ-1

Since the release of their diminutive yet ground-breaking CZ-101 synth, Casio have been steadily improving the facilities of their Phase Distortion keyboards with each subsequent CZ product. The culmination of those efforts is now manifest in their best-ever synthesizer, the CZ-1, a truly professional performance instrument. Chris Jenkins says 'welcome'.

The Starting Block

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Feb 1985
Datel Sound Sampler

Datel's Spectrum-compatible Sound Sampler offers a genuine introduction to the techniques of sound sampling. We listen in.

The New Generation

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, May 1986
Commodore Music System

If you're a computer manufacturer and you've got excess stocks to sell, you switch the emphasis to music. That's what Commodore have done, as Chris Jenkins reports.

Beeb Boogie

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Apr 1985
Music Maker

With a package designed to get the most from the micro's own sound chip.

Mixdown Amiga Software

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1986
Software for the Amiga

A British company have a comprehensive sampling package for Commodore's Amiga. Does it set a standard against which subsequent Amiga software will be judged? Chris Jenkins finds out.

Micon's No-Con

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Apr 1985

Yet another MIDI system controller package, this time for the Spectrum, and already finding favour with musicians.

Sampling Expandability

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1987
Akai S900 V2.0 & ASK90 and Steinberg Soundworks

Already a well-established sampler, the Akai S900 is on the receiving end of a series of software and firmware updates from Akai and Steinberg. Chris Jenkins boots them up.

Soft Centres

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Jun 1985

Sequential's new package and ATPL's keyboard for the BBC micro.

Digidesign SoftSynth

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1987
Software for the Atari ST

Simultaneously making the transition from Mac to Atari ST and crossing the Atlantic, this software package gives sampling a new slant. Chris Jenkins boots it up.

The Logical Song

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Jun 1985

The Music System - now for the Commodore 64.

XRI XR300 Synchroniser

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1988
SMPTE Synchroniser

Still on the sync track... Chris Jenkins sets the pace with a SMPTE/MIDI converter designed to give all the higher functions of SMPTE tape synchronisation without the higher price-tag.

The Work Ethic

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Aug 1985
Music Works software (Apple Macintosh)

Music software for the Macintosh

Bit by Bit MIDIDrummer

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1988
Software for the Atari ST

If you're looking for a visual aid to drum pattern editing or a means of turning your Akai S900 sampler into a drum machine this Atari software could be the answer. Chris Jenkins investigates.



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