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Yamaha V50

Review | Music Technology, May 1989
Digital Synthesiser

Although Yamaha are reluctant to call it a workstation, the V50 incorporates FM synthesis, drum voices, and sequencing and effects processing facilities. Dan Rue checks out Yamaha's workst...

The Synclavier Story - Part 2

Feature | Topic: Digital Audio Workstations | Music Technology, Jul 1989

In the second part of MT's look at the powerful Synclavier system, Dan Rue and Scott Wilkinson embark on their very own fantastic journey into the heart of the beast to consider its sequencing and notation abilities.

Tears For Fears

Interview | Music Technology, Jun 1990

After spending four years recording The Seeds of Love, Tears for Fears are back and touring the world. Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal talk tears and technology with Dan Rue and Tim Goodyer.

The American Way

Show Report | Music Technology, Mar 1989
Winter NAMM 1989

Californian sunshine, sea and sand - with all this on offer, why should MT's intrepid reporters want to visit a trade show in Anaheim? Bob "El Bobo" O'Donnell, Chris "El Macho" Meyer and Dan "La" Rue have the answer.



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