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Willow One

Feature | Topic: Construction / Build, Home Studio | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, May 1984

Build a home recording studio

Roland SVC-350 Vocoder

Review | Electronic Soundmaker & Computer Music, Jun 1984

Speaking Japanese

Vesta-Fire DEX-810 Driving Exciter

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Aug 1984

Cutec Reverb/Delay

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1984

Dod/Cutec Delays

Review | One Two Testing, Oct 1984
Dod R910/Cutec FX500

delays delay dela del de d

Cutec Microphones

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1984

Vesta Fire SL-020 Dual Compressor/Limiter

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1984

Marantz CP430 Stereo Cassette Recorder

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Feb 1985

Vesta Fire Modular Effects System

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Mar 1985

Cutec DE2310

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Apr 1985
Twin Function Equaliser

Vesta Fire

Review | One Two Testing, May 1985

new effects pedal range

Teac A-3440

Feature | Home & Studio Recording, May 1985
4 Channel Multitrack Tape Deck

Now it can be told. Martin Sheehan tells reporters of his secret life with a Teac A3440.

Rebis Revisited

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Jun 1985
Rebis Modular Effects Rack System RA200 Series.

A look at some of the newer modules currently available for the Rebis rack.

Boss Micro Rack Series

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Aug 1985

For people with very narrow studios, Boss have introduced a very narrow effects rack... Martin Sheehan investigates.

Vesta Fire DIG-420 Sampler

Review | One Two Testing, Sep 1985

Making the Most of... - Part 5

Feature Series | Topic: Recording | Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1985
Drum Machines and Electronic Percussion

Martin Sheehan looks at recording drum machines and electronic percussion

Aria FX

Review | One Two Testing, Oct 1985

five go whoosh etc

Making Tracks with the Vesta Fire MR1

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1985

A rack-mounted cassette multitracker for the home recordist.

RSD Studiomaster 16-4-2

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Dec 1985

Talking Pictures

Feature | Topic: Video / Film / Picture | Home & Studio Recording, May 1986

Martin Sheehan explains the workings of audio/visual slide productions.

Yamaha RM602 Mixer

Review | Home & Studio Recording, Jun 1986

Brother to the MT44D multitrack recorder, this little mixer has stood the test of time.


Review | Sound On Sound, Aug 1986

This UK company's stereo noise gate offers many of the functions contained in top class gates but at a budget price. Martin Sheehan assesses its value.

Compression Session - Part 1

Feature Series | Topic: Effects Processing | Making Music, Sep 1986

What it cn d fr th horn recordist (note clever typing trick).


Feature | Topic: Effects Processing | Making Music, Oct 1986

Hooow doooes reeeeeeverb wooooork?


Feature | Topic: Effects Processing | Making Music, Nov 1986
What's A Gate?

A gadget that only lets certain sounds through — geddit? Deeper analysis on page 20.



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