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The Synclavier Story - Part 2

Feature | Topic: Digital Audio Workstations | Music Technology, Jul 1989

In the second part of MT's look at the powerful Synclavier system, Dan Rue and Scott Wilkinson embark on their very own fantastic journey into the heart of the beast to consider its sequencing and notation abilities.

The Synclavier Story - Part 3

Feature | Topic: Digital Audio Workstations | Music Technology, Aug 1989

In the final part of our look at the latest models of the state-of-the-art Synclavier, Scott Wilkinson homes in on the Direct-to-Disk recording system.

Microtonal Musings

Feature | Music Technology, Aug 1989

The ability to accommodate microtonal tunings may look good on the spec sheet of your favourite synth, but what use is it to you? Scott Wilkinson reads between the lines.

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Feature | Topic: MIDI | Music Technology, Oct 1989

What happens after MIDI? The question has often been asked but never answered. Scott "Compatibility" Wilkinson looks into a system that incorporates MIDI and a whole lot more.

Corea Man

Interview | Music Technology, Aug 1990

Chick Corea has helped pioneer the use of electronic instruments in jazz music - now 49 LPs down the line, he believes there's still more ground to cover. Scott Wilkinson talks to a musical legend.

Musing Computers

Interview | Music Technology, Oct 1990

A long-time member of the MIDI establishment, Jeff Rona is a musician who gets more mileage out of computers than most. Scott Wilkinson listens in on Mac, PAN, digital editing and Jon Hassell's latest LP.

Rooting For The New Age

Interview | Music Technology, Nov 1991

In the desert of new age there are oases of music. Scott Wilkinson talks to an American guitarist with a story to tell and the technology to tell it.



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