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Welcome to The Mix

...a new kind of magazine for a new kind of music business. The Mix provides everything you need for a creative and constructive musical life, because The Mix recognises the convergence of techniques in modern production.

The blurring of traditional and computer-based recording methods is transforming the music industry. Studios everywhere - large and small - are adjusting to the new roles being created by new technology; the overlap of audio and video technology; the blending of musical and engineering skills; the emergence of the producer/DJ; and the common hardware increasingly used at home and on the road.

We think you'll find that The Mix puts these blurrings into sharp focus. You won't find any re-hashed publicity blurb in our news and reviews - you'll get the rough with the smooth as our experts see it. You won't find any cosy, fire-side chats in our 'In Session' interviews, but the insights you can only get from being there, at the console, at the soundcheck, with the artists that matter. And you won't find any textbook reprints in our 'Sound Advice' pages - you'll uncover real life examples from real life experiences.

Unlike some magazines, The Mix never loses sight of a simple truth: all this technology is worthless if the music sounds tired, academic and dated. You will have noticed a free CD on our cover. In this day and age, monthly discussion of music techniques cannot be confined to the printed page. But we haven't just filled the disc with disembodied sounds. The music on RE:MIX is fresh, exciting - and exclusive. It perfectly portrays the meeting of new attitudes with older inspiration.

Our team is a bit of a master mix in itself. No failed musicians, no jobbing hacks churning out journalistic cliches. All of our staff and contributors are making music today, professionally or semi-professionally. Combining youth and experience, they bring you everything you need to know on your travels through the music business. Embark here with us, and you have the best chance of going all the way.

But we need you, too. No magazine is bigger than its readers. Your views, your gripes, your compliments and most of all your music are crucial to our success. We've had our say. Let's hear from you...

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The Mix - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


The Mix - Jul 1994

Donated by: Colin Potter

Coverdisc: Mike Gorman

Editorial by Dan Goldstein

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