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Playback - Spring 86

Step By Step

Article from International Musician & Recording World, February 1986


Vox Concert 501


The Vox 501 Valve Combo is a very versatile twin channel amplifier which can produce a whole spectrum of sounds through its two channels, each with independent equalisation (the second channel having the addition of a gain control). By use of a footswitch you can swap between any two preset sounds while playing. LED indicators show which channel is in use.

These are some of our favourite 501 settings:-

Use the reverb control to add depth to the sound. All these sounds, and many others, can be produced at either high or low volume - without affecting the quality of the sound and level of distortion, with use of the master volume control. So the amp can be used in a practice situation (where the volume may need to be relatively low) as well as for performance.


Channel 1: Gives a classic valve amp sound. Ideal for rhythm guitar.

Channel 2: Extra volume for breaking into a solo, with harder distortion. Very raunchy sound. (Set gain control for amount of distortion required.


Channel 1: Produces a clean bright sound.

Channel 2: A similar sound, but with extra volume for solos.


Channel 1: Gives a cutting overdriven sound.

Channel 2: Echoey sound with lots of reverb. Very reminiscent of the New Wave era.


In the late '60's, when acoustic guitars began to compete with the projection of electric instruments Ovation rose to the challenge and developed the 'six crystal in bridge' system that allowed musicians the creative option of an acoustic sound in an electric world.

Development has continued over the years, and the latest Ovation acoustic electric guitars have state-of-the-art electronics. The Ovation OP-24 three band active equaliser represents the latest advance in acoustic-electric amplification, and can be found on all Legend, Custom Legend, and Legend Elite models.

The FET-3 preamp featured on Ovation's Custom Balladeer models shares many of the listed benefits of the OP-24 preamp but is a passive system. So the three bands of bass, mid, and treble can be filtered (but not boosted as well, like the OP-24) to give precise tonal adjustments. Obviously, the active electronics offer greater tonal variety, but the passive FET-3 system is definitely a new advance for Ovation who have led the field from the start in amplified acoustic guitars.


The Korg Midi Pedal Board

The Korg Midi Pedalboard MPK 130 is a 13 note pedal keyboard that can be used to play any midi equipped keyboard. Its octave range is switchable (by foot) during performance and any midi channel can be selected. The MPK can be used with a synthesizer, an electric piano or any home keyboard which has midi. Many musicians have learnt to play on an organ and the Korg MPK allows you to extend your playing.

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Step by Step
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International Musician - Feb 1986

Playback - Spring 86


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