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More from the world of pine cladding and deep-pile carpet

Did you know that if the entire population of China walked past you in single file, they'd never stop due to the rate of reproduction. To some this information may seem totally irrelevant, nay, gratuitous; the product of a mind atrophied by lack of social responsibility and over abundance of leisure. Not so the modern producer and the staffs of contemporary recording facilities.

There is a theory that in the fullness of time, every possibility becomes realised. What, therefore, if the Entire Population of China were to make a record? The initial problems of overcrowding, leisure facilities and supply of coffee are of course obvious. Consider though the usual in-band-rivalries and disagreements and apply them to the above situation. Would you as a producer, engineer or humble tape-op like to find yourself involved in an argument between a horde of Scimitar toting Tong warriors and the massed adult males of Manchuria about who should do the lead vocal?

Ah, I know what you're thinking; you're thinking "This guy's mind has atrophied due to a lack of social responsibility and an excess of leisure." Okay, so I've been slurring my words recently, and I find it hard to I spell necessary, but the fact remains that The Entire Population of China have made a recording, at Yellow Two studio in Stockport.

It beats me how Quando Quango, The Shooting Party and Happy Mondays managed to squeeze in to get some recording done. And where did New Order put the Mitsubishi digital machine they used to record 'Shellshocked'?

Yup, China's a big country, but it's not the Big Country that's been in to Power Plant studio in North London to record their fastest LP along with producer Robin Millar and engineer Will Gosling. Power Plant was also the chosen location for the recording of Rogue Male's new album produced by Steve James and engineered by Bob Muso, and for the recording of singles by The Cool Notes, Erasure and Nick Tesco.

West End boys

The Pet Shop Boys have been to the West end. They've even written songs about it and its female inhabitants. They've been seen there more recently making their way to Advision to record their album with Stephen Hague and David Jacobs. No doubt they bumped into Hollywood Beyond who were recording 'several tracks' there, and the cast of Little Shop of Horrors whose soundtrack was being recorded there.

There's been a whole lot of fools in at Jacobs Studios in Surrey. No I'm not talking about Peter Gabriel, who's been there to record his latest album, or Nils Lofgren, both of whom are producing their own music. UB40 are no fools in spite of the fact that they've been doing a track for a compilation album at Jacobs. No I'm talking about a much purer form of idiocy, the Immaculate Fools no less.

Anyway that's all from the wild and wonderful world of studio recording for this month. Next month news from other major countries, states and principalities venturing into the music business. Live coverage of Canada's showcase gigs in London; and a report on the progress of Iceland's first X15 demos.

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International Musician - May 1986

Recording World

Feature by Richard Walmsley

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