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Sound On Sound - December 1988


Spotting Market Trends

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Shape of Things to Come

Forthcoming new products from the hi-tech music recording field.

Shape of Things to Come - AES
Show Report

AES Show Report

Forthcoming new products from the hi-tech music recording field.

Bits & Pieces

How To Upgrade Your Akai S900

What do you do when your 12-bit Akai S900 sampler starts to seem a little underspecified in comparison with the latest models? Upgrade it with a '16-bit injection' from Marion Systems. David Mellor reports.

Orla Master Keyboard

As more musicians finally begin to wake up to the benefits of using a dedicated master keyboard, Paul Ireson checks out two recent examples from Orla, the DMK7 and DMK8.

Trackman Sequencer

Following on from last month's preview, Paul Ireson provides a thorough rundown of this easy-to-use, 32-track, pattern-based sequencer for the Atari ST.

Tascam MSR16

The Alternative

So far, affordable 16-track has been a one horse race and all the money has been on Fostex. But now the odds are getting more interesting as a lively young thoroughbred from the Tascam stable enters the starting stalls. David Mellor assesses the form.

Doctor Jurgenbüster's Casebook

Martin Russ dishes up another concoction of MIDI hints and tips.

Digidesign Turbosynth

The Return of the Modular Synthesizer

Digidesign continue to add to their innovative range of synthesis programs which use the flexibility of computers for sound creation and the hardware of MIDI samplers to replay the sounds. Paul Wiffen finds he loves the former but hates the latter.

Akai XE8 Drum Box

Remove the sequencing facilities from your drum machine and what do you get? A damned good idea for a new product that's what! Paul Ireson checks out Akai's 16-bit sampled drum box - the perfect companion for your sequencer.

Waiting For The Perfect Song

Since introducing the world to the delights of pure synth-pop in 1981, Vince Clarke has continued to demonstrate his mastery of the popular song form through the medium of synth technology. Paul Ireson investigates.

Yamaha QX3

Digital Sequence Recorder

In a world dominated by software sequencers, Rowland Jones finds he still has a soft spot for Yamaha's hardware variety.

Kawai K1 Editors

Steinberg & Soundbits

Tony Wride investigates the Steinberg and Soundbits Atari-based voice editing programs for the Kawai K1 multitimbral synthesizer.

How to Set Up a Home Studio Part 1

It has been predicted that by the year 2020, the world will be entirely covered by a ten metre deep layer of home recording equipment. David Mellor begins a new series that offers advice on how to set up your home studio.

Technics AX7

Bridging The Gap

Whilst Roland and Yamaha take LA and FM synthesis into the home, Technics make it even harder to differentiate between a home keyboard and a synthesizer with the release of the AX7. Paul Ireson checks it out.

Music Printing

Paul Gilby takes a brief look at printer technology with particular reference to the Citizen HQP45 24-pin dot-matrix printer.

Personal Composer System/2

Jay Chapman sinks his teeth into one of the most complex and sophisticated scorewriting and sequencing programs on the market - Jim Miller's Personal Composer for PC compatible computers.

Recording the Soundtrack for TV Commercials

David Mellor looks at the world of advertising, and how music is created and mated with the visuals in a TV commercial.

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

Hints, tips and news about your favourite music software.

Sounding Off

Use your Ears!

Regular contributor Martin Russ climbs onto the soapbox this month with a plea to use our ears!

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