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Sound On Sound - October 1991


A Necessary Evil?

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Your chance to catch up on what's happening in the whacky world of hi-tech music and recording.

Shape Of Things To Come

Yet another selection of recently announced new products to whet your appetite!

Digitech VHM5

Intelligent Harmoniser

With four independent harmonies and its 'intelligent harmonising', Digitech's VHM5 pitch shifter promises much. Rowland Jones puts it to the test.


Feel Every Beat | Electronic

Are Electronic, mutant offspring of New Order, The Smiths and the Pet Shop Boys, the first electro-supergroup? Does it matter? Mark J. Prendergast ignores the hype, sidesteps trivial speculation, and talks technical to Bernard Sumner.

Opcode Galaxy Plus Editors

Tell your Mac what it's hooked up to! Save the contents of all your MIDI devices with one mouse movement! Edit 47 different devices from the comfort of your armchair! Kendall Wrightson examines Opcode's new Mac system software and the latest in editor/librarians.

Roland S750 Sampler

Digital Quality — Analogue Feel

Roland's acclaimed S770 sampler has been quietly growing in popularity, and the release of version 2.0 software and the floppy drive-only S750 should ensure that Roland samplers become still more popular. Wilf Smarties explains why.

The Myths Of MIDI

MIDI has been with us for almost a decade, yet most users still labour under Misconceptions about what it actually can and cannot do. Paul D. Lehrman explodes some of the more common myths about MIDI.

Korg 01/W FD Workstation

For three years the korg M1 has been the leading keyboard workstation, and the product that more than any other has made the company's name as a leading force in hi-tech music. But how do you follow an act like that? David Mellor looks at the M1's successor, the 01/W FD.

William Orbit

Urban Guerilla | William Orbit

Paul Tingen meets William Orbit, re-mix maestro and the man behind Bass-O-Matic.

How To Become An Atari ST Power User Part 3

Musical Environments

Part 3: Musical environments. The final part of a short series in which Martin Russ expands, exploits and explores the Atari ST computer.

Dr.T'S KCS Amiga

Level II V3.5

Quality music software for the Commodore Amiga has been thin on the ground, but now there's at least one sequencer that can stand comparison to leading ST software. Paul Overaa checks out version 3.5 of Dr.T's KCS Level II.

Passport Master Tracks Pro 4.5.3

Passports Master Tracks Pro has a longer track record than most sequencers. Mike Collins looks at the latest version for the Mac.

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Win a fabulous Zoom 9030 effects processor!

Software Support

Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from the software manufacturers themselves. This month: C-Lab, Steinberg, Coda, and Dr. T.

Sounding Off

The Sound Of (Live) Music

The acoustics of large venues are totally unsuited to modern electronic music, writes David Pickering Pick.

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