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Advanced Recording Concepts

Article from Micro Music, October/November 1989

Darrin Williamson investigates the new approach of a MIDI dealer in Hampshire

Darrin Williamson takes a look at a dealer with a difference - Down Hampshire way

ARC's ground floor demo facilities including just about everything one could wish for MIDI wise

As you're no doubt aware by now, we've not been in the habit of doing dealer reviews in MM. Fact is that most are much like one another. However we managed to find one down in the sunny wilds of Alton where they do things a little differently. Are you sitting comfortably? I'll begin.

Matthew tweaks a few parameters on his impressive rack set-up - his current favourite unit is the Roland MIDI data analyser, not because of its functionality particularly, more because of the high volume of flashing lights

Advanced Recording Concepts (or ARC as it's better known) sell systems rather than just shifting boxes. From the outside you could be forgiven for thinking that it's just another quaint little house but nothing could be further from the truth. Once inside your senses are given a techno battering. Wherever you look there's racks of wonderous kit, all hooked up and ready to play. Not surprisingly they're major dealers for Roland, Korg, Akai, Kawai, Yamaha, Casio, E-mu, Steinberg, Lynex, Kurzweil and D&R Mixers to name but a few. I was only in there a few seconds before I'd worked out how I was going to spend the next 30 years pay-cheques. On the computer front they are equipped with an Atari ST, an Amiga and an Apple Mac. On the Amiga front, they have recently been busy Beta testing Micro Illusion's Music X.

All well and good, but what's the big difference, I hear you ask? Well it's all in the service and the approach to custom.

A closer look at ARC's main rack featuring Roland's new flagship reverb unit with external remote taking pride of place alongside

Hampshire's answer to the Pet Shop Boys!

A potential customer can phone up, explain what sort of equipment is required, what finance is available and Matthew (Wilkinson) will sort out a package around those criteria. This approach is great if you're starting from scratch and want to get the best value for money and the most flexible, expandable system possible.

Once that is sorted out you can arrange to trek down to ARC and they'll hook up the equipment in question and you can romp around on it to your hearts content. Only then does the question of selling come into the equation. As you're the only one there you get undivided attention, none of this having to serve six customers at one time. And you're dealing with staff who actually use the equipment, so you can be sure they know what they're talking about.

Roland's R-8 Drum machine went through some serious play testing whilst in the studio

What else is on offer?

Aside from that, ARC also run the official Emax UK user group, the Kawai user group and have plans afoot for a Roland user group in the near future, as well as a section on The Music Network.

Mixdown time utilising the Hit Music Productions facilities

Hit Music

Within the same operation is Hit Music Productions - the artistic department of ARC run by Lee Groves. Lee has been involved in music composition for TV, radio and film and has recently done pieces for TVS and some tracks for an artist on Polydor.

If that weren't enough, Lee's also busy programming new sounds for the Korg M-1, and the Roland D-5, 10, 20 and the 110 which should be released soon (standby for a review).

A musician's eye view of ARC's main keyboards - from here you can see couple of mysterious people - one of them could be the Ed

Combine this with a terrific, friendly atmosphere (plus a goodly supply of ice cold Cokes) and you've got one of the most pleasant ways of spending all your money I know.

Keep it up lads!

Supplier: Advanced Recording Concepts, (Contact Details)
Contact: Matthew Wilkinson

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Publisher: Micro Music - Argus Specialist Publications

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Micro Music - Oct/Nov 1989

Scanned by: Mike Gorman



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