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Davoli Tempest 50T

Test Report on: Davoli Tempest 50T
Date: July 1975. £145 ex VAT.

The Davoli Tempest 50T is a combination amplifier of a low priced, unsophisticated type suitable for amateur and semi-pro bands or groups. The facilities provided are two inputs, one normal and one with treble boost input sensitivity, bass, middle, treble, volume, super treble boost, tremelo depth and tremelo speed. The hybrid amplifier circuit uses five transistors and four valves, which in turn drives an internal 12 inch speaker. Two extra jack sockets are provided on the back for driving external speakers. An on /off switch is provided on the rear panel.


The construction is in a vinyl covered wooden chipboard case 32 inches high, 20½ inches wide and 12 inches deep.

Three quarters of this volume forms a sealed, infinite baffle speaker enclosure and the remaining quarter houses the amplifier. A handle is fitted on the side of the case and the case corners are protected with metal caps.

The electronics are in two separate parts which are interconnected by plugs and sockets. The control panel unit houses the pre-amplifier and tremelo oscillator on two small PCBs. These circuits are fully solid-state, using a total of five transistors.

The second electronic stage is a valve power amplifier using four valves and silicone rectifiers. Access is reasonably easy for servicing, components are of good quality, soldered joints are good and the wiring reasonably tidy.

A wired-in mains lead can be stored on clips provided on the recessed rear panel.

Power Output 47.5 WRMS 8 ohm load @10% distortion
36.1 WRMS at onset of clipping

Distortion 5.3% @25 watts @ 1 KHz high at 25 watts but
Total harmonic 0.4% @ 1 watt similar to other valve amplifier power stages.

Output protection OK 2 min. short circuit with full drive good; worked instantly S.C. removed

Capacitive load test OK load 2uf and 8 ohms

Tone control range 15.6dB @ 10KHz treble The mid range control works
9.0dB @ 100Hz mid. over the whole spectrum?
17dB @ 50Hz bass

Sensitivity 3.3 mV at I.P.1 tone controls max. very sensitive
2.4 mV at I.P.2 gains at max OP=25 WRMS @ 1 KHz

Tremelo range 3.5Hz to 14Hz good
Tremelo depth 0 to 90%

Signal to Noise ratio 68dB sensitivity set so that 50 mV in gives 36 watts out @ 1 KHz tone controls @ max


The unit is robustly made and the electronics are of a commercial standard. The measured power output is not high, although a sound test proved that the thicker valve sound at something near to 50 watts gives a high level of sound. The inherent distortion coupled with treble boost could be a popular sound with some guitarists. At £145 plus V.A.T. the Tempest 50T is fair value.

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International Musician & Recording World - Copyright: Cover Publications Ltd, Northern & Shell Ltd.


International Musician - Sep 1975

Donated & scanned by: Mike Gorman


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Review by Bruce Gibbs

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