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Alligator 60

Review | In Tune, Dec 1984
All-Purpose Combo

Alligator AP150 Combo & KGB Cab.

Review | Music UK, Jan 1983

Alligator combo please, and make it snappy!

Alligator Ebony A60 & A175 Combos

Review | International Musician, Mar 1986

Martin Brassel on the units in Alligator's move up-market.

Alligator/Badger combos

Review | One Two Testing, May 1985

60 watts for guitar/bass/keyboards, 15 watts for practice

Arion Practice Amps

Review | Music UK, Jul 1983

Rising Yen Catches Jap Amp Challenge

Carlsbro & Deanvard Amps

Review | One Two Testing, Jan 1983

Carlsbro Cobra 90 Twin Combo

Review | In Tune, Jun 1985

Carlsbro Rebel 8 Combo

Review | In Tune, Nov 1986

Carlsbro Rebel Combo

Review | Making Music, Sep 1986

Carlsbro Stingray Electro-Acoustic

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1982

Cougar CLX100 combo

Review | Making Music, Jun 1987

Custom Sound Cub Practice Amps

Review | In Tune, Dec 1984

Custom Sound Lead Combo

Review | International Musician, Oct 1986

A carpet-covered Cub. But can it cut the rug? Jim Betteridge takes the floor.

Davoli Tempest 50T

Review | International Musician, Sep 1975

Dean Markley CD60 Combo

Review | International Musician, Dec 1986

Sun, sea and sand-coloured sophistication... beach-bum Paul Trynka warms to Dean's latest valve amp

Dean's A Pearl!

Review | In Tune, Dec 1985
Dean Markley Signature 'Pro 10' Practice Combo

Demon Demonstration

Review | Topic: Advertisement Feature | Music UK, Sep 1983

Design 30 Combo

Review | In Tune, Jan 1985

Dynacord DC60 Amplifier

Review | Phaze 1, Feb 1989

Dynacord GS824 Guitar Combo

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1984

A new state-of-the-art guitar amplifier with integral overdrive, chorus and reverb, plus 200W output.

Engl Digital Amp

Review | One Two Testing, Jul 1985

memorable combo

FCN Cougar CLX100 Guitar Combo

Review | In Tune, Dec 1986

Fender Dual Showman Reverb

Review | International Musician, Aug 1975

Fender Stage Lead

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Aug 1983

Fender Stage Lead, Marshall 30W Lead

Review | One Two Testing, Jan 1983



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