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October sees the official launch of E&MM's own music software division. We tell you what's available now, and a little of what you can expect from us in the future.

October sees the official launch of EmmSoft, the computer hardware/software marketing division of Electronics & Music Maker.

EmmSoft takes under its wing both past micro-based projects and future E&MM software developments. The following guide summarises the EmmSoft projects for which printed circuit boards and software packages are available, and will be updated every other month. All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT and postage and packing - please allow 28 days for delivery. Send your order, with payment in sterling cheque, postal order or bankers' draft payable to Music Maker Publications, to EmmSoft, E&MM, Alexander House, 1 Milton Road, Cambridge CB4 1UY.

MicroMIDI May'83

A single-board serial interface that will link any MIDI synth to the Sinclair Spectrum microcomputer. Features include three parallel I/O ports, crystal-controlled data transfer, and opto-coupled output. The PCB is available from EmmSoft at £4.25.


A revised, simpler version of MicroMIDI was published subsequently which incorporated the same facilities with the exception of the three parallel I/O ports. The PCB is available from EmmSoft at £4.25.

As part of the 'Spectrum MIDI'article in E&MM July '84, two software programs were published - a SixTrak Patch Dump and DX7 MIDI Dump - both of which will run on either version of MicroMIDI.

A cassette containing an expanded version of Steve Parr's DX7 MIDI Dump program (including a short sequencing routine) can be obtained from SDS, 18 Cam bait Road, London SW15 6EW, for £5.95 including postage and VAT.

OMDAC June '83

The OMDAC, when used in conjunction with a Z80-based microprocessor, will provide eight sets of gate, trigger and control voltages compatible with most one-volt-per-octave synthesisers.

A 'Patch Change' program for the Spectrum was published in E&MM September '84, while the second OMDAC Update (see elsewhere in this issue) enables the hardware to be modified to run on the BBC B microcomputer.

Further OMDAC software is also in the pipeline.

BeeBMIDI June & July '84

A MIDI interface for the BBC Model B microcomputer, Part 1 of BeeBMIDI contained the technological and constructional details, while Part 2 continued with a full parts list and some MIDI software routines. The PCB is available from EmmSoft at £4.95.

BeeBMIDI Software August '84

A full listing of a comprehensive voice dump program written in BBC BASIC and 6502 Assembler for the Yamaha DX7, with the software also available on cassette (for the sore-fingered) from EmmSoft, price £7.95.

Further software for BeeBMIDI is currently under development. This will include voice dump and MIDI polyphonic sequencing programs.

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Electronics & Music Maker - Oct 1984

Donated & scanned by: Stewart Lawler

Computer Musician


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