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Fast Forward

News and new products.

What's new this month in the field of recording.

ACT sound are moving to new premises which open on May 1st, and in addition to their existing hire and sales operations, they'll be offering a ½" format 16-track recording studio, editing for PCM701 and PCM501 stereo digital masters, and a fully qualified computer service engineer/programmer for hire on the premises. The facilities are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week. Details: (Contact Details).

A new digital reverb is appearing on the market from ART. The DR2a has seven adjustable parameters, a maximum decay time of 12.8 seconds, up to 75mS of pre-delay, nine varieties of room simulations and a dynamic range of 75dB. Details: Turnkey Ltd, (Contact Details).

Audio Kinetics have released a new synchroniser for video and audio tape recorders. This is a 1U rack mounting affair which features an integral timecode generator. The unit may also be linked to a external computer, that can access all the functions of the slave machine. Details: Audio Kinetics Ltd, (Contact Details).

A new audio and video distribution company by the name of A/V Technology International has announced that they plan to represent European, Asian and Pacific manufacturers in the North American market and American manufacturers overseas. Details: (Contact Details).

Available from late June onwards will be yet another new addition to the Boss Micro Rack system: the RPS10 Digital Pitch Shifter/Delay. This features a range of pitch shifting over two octaves and a flat frequency response between 40Hz and 15kHz. Volume of the shifted pitch can be controlled from the audio signal of a keyboard. The unit can also be used as a digital delay with a maximum delay time of 800mS. Details: Roland UK, (Contact Details).

Looking further forward than the APRS show, the British Music Fair will soon be looming. This years show, held again at Olympia 2, Hammersmith Road, London W14, promises to be a bigger affair than last year, and takes place from the 29th of July to the 3rd of August, though only the August dates are public days. Four concerts will take place, as well as instruction clinics. Admission will be £3.

Electrospace Developments latest product, the 'Pressor, includes hard, soft, and non-linear compression. The unit has a 2-colour LED matrix display for audio signal and gain reduction, variable Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, and Gain, side chain insert points, a side chain Hold facility which can be varied from 1mS to 10mS on the front panel, VCA control voltage link switch, and XLR inputs and outputs. All this is contained in a 1U 19" chassis. Details: Electrospace Developments Ltd, (Contact Details).

Fuji have just released a new range of cassettes ranging from two FR metal tapes at the top of the range, to the FR-II Super premium through to the three normal tapes, the FR-1 Super, the FR and the DR. Recording lengths of 46, 60, and 90 minutes are available. Details: Shirley Hanley or Sally Davis at the Quentin Bell Organisation, (Contact Details).

Gateway Studios are planning a series of 'MIDI-orientation' days. Unlike most of the Gateway courses, these will take place in the 24-track studio. They will cover aspects such as MIDI information, applications and event programmers. The first day course starts on the 31st of May. Also they will be holding one day workshop/lectures in recording techniques on Saturdays and bank holiday mondays. Details: Gateway Studios, (Contact Details).

Of interest to all Juno 6 and 60 owners will be the MIDI conversion currently on offer from Groove Electronics. It includes note on/off, pitch split and transpose, and the conversion kit for DIY will cost you £99, or they'll fit it for £130. Details: Groove Electronics, (Contact Details).

Hayden Laboratories have been appointed the sole UK agents for the Dynacord ELA range of products which includes all types of professional audio equipment for use in public address and audio communication systems. Also new and operating within the Pro-Audio Department of Hayden Laboratories Ltd, Hayden Systems Engineering has been set up to design, construct and install all forms of audio systems. Details: Hayden Laboratories Ltd, (Contact Details).

More about the AES show; HHB professional audio hire and sales have some new products from Amcron: the newly expanded Micro Tech amplifier range, the GLM miniature microphone range and a more economic version of the TEF time delay spectrometry unit.

The four new amps are the Micro Tech 600, the 600LX, the 1200 and the 1200LX. The 600 and 1200 offer 300W RMS into 2Ω and 600W RMS into 2Ω respectively. The LX models offer additional metering and input facilities. All the amps have a full three year warranty.

There are two new models in the GLM microphone range: the GLM 100 omni-directional (frequency response 20Hz to 20kHz), and the GLM200 hyper cardioid (60Hz-20kHz). Both are miniature electret condenser design and can be clipped or taped onto virtually anything and remain unobtrusive.

Demonstrated at the show by Andy Munro, the TEF12 analyser is a more economic version of the TEF10 and its incorporation into a computer-based unit will be of interest to acoustic designers and loudspeaker manufacturers. Details: HHB Hire and Sales, (Contact Details).

Hill Audio will be releasing two new mixing consoles at the APRS show: the Soundmix and the Rakmix. Both feature four auxiliary sends and returns, LED and VU metering, insert points, 48v phantom powering, balanced and unbalanced outputs and inputs, 4-band EQ and a remote rack mounting power supply. The Soundmix comes in 24:4:2 and 16:4:2 formats and costs £1899 and £1549 respectively, and the Rakmix has a 8:4:2 configuration and retails at £1149. Amongst other products on display will be the J Series of consoles and all Hill Audio's power amps from the DX500, rated at 280W per channel to the DX3000, rated at 3000W in bridged mono mode. Details: Hill Audio Ltd, (Contact Details).

Of interest to 4-track owners might be a mixer from a new company called Icon. The A4 is a 6:2 affair designed to increase the input capacity of 4-track cassette-based studios. Facilities include a ±18dB EQ section, effects sends and phono outputs. It is expected to retail at £170 including VAT. Details: Icon Designs, (Contact Details).

JBL have announced more new monitors. The Control 1 is a 4Ω, 120W monitor that incorporates two speakers: a 5" and a ¾". The HF and LF transducers are magnetically shielded so that the monitor may be used in close proximity to a video monitor. Frequency response is 100Hz to 18kHz.

New software for the Klark Teknik DN780 reverb is to become available. Current DN780 users will receive the software update free if they contact Peter Tongue or Dianne Foster, Klark Teknik PLC, (Contact Details).

Meyer Sound are introducing a new power amplifier rated at 600W per channel and with a power bandwidth of 100kHz. It is expected to become available by the autumn. Details: Autograph Sales Ltd, (Contact Details).

Ramsa have launched two new speakers and a range of miniature microphones, basically intended for live work. The Ramsa WS-A250E sub-bass reflex enclosure is designed to be compatible with the already available WS-A200E150W speaker, the WS-A80E features an 8" woofer and twin bessel horn tweeter offering flat response from 65Hz to 20kHz with power handling of up to 80W.

The electret condenser mics follow the current fashion of being unobtrusively clipped onto instruments and drums. The WM-S1 and WM-S5 can be operated on 48v phantom power while the WM-S2 and WM-S10 can also be run on 12-48v phantom power and standard batteries.

Frequency response is as follows: WM-S1: 50Hz-18kHz, WM-S2: 120Hz-15kHz, WM-S5: 70Hz-16kHz, WM-S10: 120Hz-15kHz. Details: Giulia Ovidi or Susan McLean, Public Relations Dept. (Contact Details).

A new course in popular music featuring a high recording content has been instituted at Salford College of Technology in Manchester. Known as a Higher Diploma in Popular Music, the course lasts for two years and starts in September. The main elements of the course are the learning of musical skills particularly relevant to popular music and the learning of musical recording skills. Details: Salford college of Technology, (Contact Details).

Soundtracs have added another mixer to their M series. Designed for all monitoring purposes the MC is available in two mainframe sizes: 32:10+2 and 24:10+2. Features include 10 monitor outputs plus two auxiliary outputs, all with full parametric EQ, variable Q, and a variety of pre/post fade selections. Two independent auxiliary returns enable externally processed signals to be sent to the 10 monitor output channels via 100mm faders.

The inputs have a 4-band EQ with sweep mids along with a pre/post-fade selector on the monitor and Aux. sends. All twelve sends are controlled by a 65mm linear fader. Comprehensive talkback facilities include an indicator for external communication with the front of house desk or intercom systems. There are individual LED meters for monitor sends, auxiliary sends, solo, and peak indicators on each channel and the whole assembly is ruggedly built for life on the road. Details: Soundout Laboratories Ltd, (Contact Details).

Tam have announced that they will be discontinuing manufacture of the GO Cutting Amplifier and the CPS Control Console. There are two reasons for this decision. Firstly, no new amplifiers have been sold since taking on the licence from Ortofon of Denmark in 1983 because the new systems being installed are usually Neumann DMM, and an increase in the availability of second hand systems has meant that Tam can meet the demand from their own considerable secondhand stocks.

Secondly, Tam and Ortofon disagreed over the question of a price reduction to sell off stocks. However Tam will still manufacture their own design of the Stereo Treble Limiter STL852, and the Tape Equalisation Modifier for half speed cutting TEM851, and continue to deal in new and used systems and equipment (including Phonotech and Ortofon heads and electronics). Details: Tam (Contact Details).

TDK have introduced an update to their successful Super Avilyn cassette format. The TDK SF has been developed for a broad range of uses, from portable units through to hi-fi and the manufacturers say that it is particularly suited to the recording of digital material. Details: TDK UK Ltd; (Contact Details).

Technical Products will also be displaying their wares, including the computer-controlled MJS401D Audio Measurement System, and the prototype Program Builder software. Technical Products have also been appointed sole UK distributor of the Neutrik Audiograph. On display will be several new modules, including the Tracking Send and Tracking Receive filters, and the new Distortion Analyser. In addition, the 400 Series master and remote intercom/talkback stations will be on show. These are available in both 4- and 8-channel versions, with a 12 x 4 matrix switchboard. Last but not least, amongst the other products displayed will be the new SM H310 headset. Details: Technical Products Ltd, (Contact Details).

Toa have a new bass reflex speaker, the 38-SD. It features a Thiele-Small aligned bass reflex enclosure housing a 15inch loudspeaker and a small radial horn coupled with a compression driver and two tweeters. Details: Toa Electronics Ltd, (Contact Details).

Stirling Audio Systems is expanding its range of consoles by including specific products from the Trident range. The first two Trident desks to be sold will be the 65 and 75 series. Details: Stirling Audio Systems Ltd; (Contact Details).

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Home & Studio Recording - Jun 1986

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