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New from PAIA

OZ is here!

OZ is the latest addition to PAIA's line of low-cost, high-value electronic music kit. So it's a fully polytonic instrument that can be used as a portable practice keyboard, mini-organ system or trigger and pitch source for any synthesizer.

OZ has a built in speaker and 1 watt (RMS) amplifier allowing performances outdoors, in your van or anywhere that amplifiers aren't normally available. A mixing input allows other instruments to share OZ's amp.

Oz's unique, pressure sensitive pitch bender provides vibrato, glissando or trilling of single notes or whole chords and always returns to proper pitch when your hand is removed.

Front panel features include a fine tuning control with a full octave range for tuning OZ to other instruments. A five position range switch transposes the keyboard by exact octave steps allowing instant changes from rich bass to piercing highs. Two trigger modes are switch selectable: STEP which goes high as long as any keys are down or PULSE which delivers a 10 ms. pulse each time any key is pressed (even if other keys are already down). LED indicators provide visual feedback of range setting and trigger status. Volume and tone controls are provided.

Interface OZ with the Gnome Micro-Synthesizer for a completely portable, polytonic synthesizer system with amplifier and speaker for less than $140.00 (slight modification required to the Gnome).

Kit includes circuit board, all parts, sturdy vinyl-covered road case with removable keyboard cover and our step-by-step, loaded with pictures instruction manual (8 "AA" size pencell batteries required)

OZ Kit #3760 $84.95 shipping wt. 12 lbs.

The PAIA Demo-Line currently features OZ - (Contact Details). Leave your name and we'll send a far-out OZ brochure and demo patch book. Or, order on your Bank-Americard or Master Charge Card.

At last, our very own Binders

At long last, we've selected the perfect multi-copy publication binders. No more punching holes in your Polyphony copies to keep them in a dime store ring binder!

Bold, white on black POLYPHONY/PAIA graphic designed by Linda Kay Brumfield (our assistant editor) accents the 9X6 inch binder. Twelve wire rods hold magazines (or instruction/using manuals ) in binder. Easy to add and remove copies from the special spring rod holders that also allow for binding of publications of varied thickness.

POLYPHONY/PAIA Binder #QS-7 $4.95 Postpaid

Top-Octave Experimenter's Kit

If you have been inspired by John's copy in LAB NOTES and are anxious to get your hands on a Top Octave chip, this is for you! Kit includes one #50240 top-octave chip, a CD 4001 NOR gate IC and a circuit board to mount them on.

Remember, this is an "Experimenter's Kit" without any elaborate instructions. We do provide a circuit board parts placement diagram and a list of recommended parts values for the resistors, capacitors, etc. that you'll have to scrounge from your junk box.

It's an inexpensive introduction to "experimenting", and who knows where that can lead to!

Top-Octave Experimenter's Kit #EK-1 $12.50 postpaid

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Polyphony - Copyright: Polyphony Publishing Company


Polyphony - Apr 1976

Donated & scanned by: Retro Synth Ads


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