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Hugh Symons Music Division

Since the introduction of the 1040 STFM with free Steinberg Pro 12 software, back in January, The Hugh Symons Music Division has experienced has followed this up with another package deal in conjunction with Atari. This time 1040 STFM is coupled with MIDIdrummer, a drum sequencing package.

The Hugh Symons Division have also installed loan Acorn Archimedes and a prototype of the sequencing software Inspiration into a number of recording studios including P.W.L, The Woodhall and Abbey Road. They have done this to obtain a professional opinion of both the computer and the software.

Since this happened, further development has been made to the sequencing software, and The Hugh Symons Division now feel it to be ready for launch.

Contact: Hugh Symons Division (Contact Details)

Master Sound from Microdeal

Master Sound is a low priced, high quality sound sampler for the Amiga range of computers. It enables you to record sounds from any line level sources into the Amiga. Once in the computer, Master Sound's editor will enable you to edit the sound in almost any way you can imagine.

The Sound Master Editor incorporates, sample, cut, fade in/out, copy, filter, magnify, and many more facilities. The Spectrum Analyser and Oscilloscope enable the user to monitor frequency content and volume with ease.

The Master Sound Sequencer allows playback of samples in sequence. Multiple samples can be held in memory at once. Once recorded, the sequencer can save the samples and sequence files out onto disk so that the files can be used in your own demo's.

The Master Sound Demo allows playback of your own sequenced sounds from the sequencer while displaying IFF picture files. Price £39.95

Contact: Microdeal (Contact Details)

New - Cubase 1.5 - 39 new features!

Released in December Cubase 1.5, has 39 new features incorporated. These range from new edit screens to Fostex R8 drivers. Anyone who is on the Steinberg upgrade scheme can get these new features free of charge.

The new features include the following; a dynamic MIDI manager, auto save after a given time interval, improved data entry system, SMPTE display offset, an activity display, improved chord recognition, SMPTE time ends, repositioning of notes and many, many more. There are also expected to be more new updates in the new year.

Contact: Evenlode Soundworks (Contact Details)

New recording and production courses

The Club Studios, a London based dance recording studio, has started production courses for DJ's and rappers who want to know about recording and producing. The courses will include techniques related to dance music and help them to decide which studios to choose for their projects. Each month students will be recording their own material as part of the course and therefore will be coming out of the course with their own mastered track.

Contact: The Club Studios (Contact Details)

The Engine Factory announces a new sample library

In addition to their Specialist sampling service, which provides customers with any sample they may need, The Engine Factory are now offering a comprehensive 16 bit stereo library for the S-1000 using the 45Mb removable cartridge hard disk system.

Unlike CD-ROM, this library can access a number of sounds which can be changed and resaved easily to the customers requirements. The library will be available from the 7th Dec and will retail at £170 excl VAT. EIII and Emax II formats will be released in the new year.

Contact The Engine Factory (Contact Details)

The MIDI-Star from Spirit Technology

Spirit Technology's MIDIStar, designed for the Amiga, features two MIDI ins, with switch control and LED status indicators. Six MIDI out/off/thru's each with switch control and multi-colour LED status confirmation, Amiga RS-232 serial interface passthru and two separate selectable operational modes. It is compatible to all computers that software generate MIDI via the RS-232 C serial port.

Contact Spirit Technology Corporation/Bytes and Pieces (Contact Details)

State of Independence

It's worth pointing out that Interviews and features within the pages of Micro Music do not, necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the the Editor or Micro Music as a whole.

Opinions within the magazine are meant as launchpads for debate and not the last word on any subject. There has been, and always will be a right to reply offered to anyone with a strong view for or against what is said, after all it's our job to report all sides of a story in order that you the readers get the full picture.

Message from a Dealer

UK based music software dealer who shall remain nameless has this advice to offer, not of the industry out of you the software buying pubic...

As a MIDI software specialist dealer, I feel I should point out a few pitfalls a newcomer to MIDI should look out for when choosing software by mail order.

The process of choosing the right sort of software for the application you have will no doubt take a fair amount of time. You'll probably pick up the relevant magazines and head straight for the software reviews.

Once you've made your choices finding the most competitive price is the next priority and for that you turn to the adverts - fair enough!

Having phoned in your order, your package arrives, you boot it up and you're off.

It's at that point that you find an area of the manual that isn't getting through to you, so you need advice but chances are that the supplier knows less about that individual package than you do, particularly if you ring on a Saturday.

My point is this... Unless you purchase from a specialist, you won't get specialist help after the sale, or even before for that matter!

We get a lot of calls from people who have bought MIDI Software elsewhere but want the expertise that we offer. We used to be very polite in the past and help with such queries but it as the phone lines get clogged up (preventing genuine customers from getting through) so we now have to politely say sorry but...

We sell MIDI Software (most of it below RRP), but ask a fair price. For this you get help and advice before and after the sale which, not only goes for us but also for most of the other specialist dealers.

In short, pay a fair price for your software and get a fair service - pay a cheap price for it and get...

The Amiga Soundblaster from Siren

The Amiga Soundblaster is a small stereo amplifier that comes with 2 high quality 20 watt 3 way speakers and adds a new dimension to your games.

The amplifier uses the latest microchip technology to produce 5 watts per channel of sound, twin volume controls allow both volume and balance to be set.

The speakers are 20 watt 3 way speakers, with a 3' woofer for all low tones, a 2' mid-range speaker for middle notes and a 1' tweeter for top scale notes.

The package is completed with a mains adaptor and full instructions and retails for £39.99.

Contact: Siren Software (Contact Details)

PCS announce The MIDI Connections range

Personal Computer Services has announced the new MIDI Connections range which includes MIDI interfaces for the Macintosh and the Amiga, in addition to UART interfaces for the PC. The range also includes a one to six MIDI THRU Box, costing £34.95 and one to four MIDI Switch Box, costing £29.95.

The MIDI interfaces for the Mac and PC come with demonstration software and full programming information. For the IBM compatibles the PC interface is available with the scorewriting package Songwright IV at a price of £149.

Contact: PC Services (Contact Details)


Grey Matter Response makers of the E! Board expanders for the DX-7 and DX-7IID/FD are based in Santa Cruz, epicentre of the 17th October earthquake. Fortunately they were not badly affected, many others were.

Grey Matter and their UK distributors Gozen Studios want to help and will therefore be donating $10 to local relief agencies for every E! board sold.

Contact: Gozen Studios (Contact Details)

The Bristol Music Fair

Over 2,000 people visited the fair at The Watershed Arts and Media Centre. Almost 40 exhibitors attended including Roland, Rhodes, Akai, Technics, Bose, JHS, Carlsbro, Session, Sound Technology, Sansui, Harman, Tascam, Evenlode, Ashworth and Barnes and Mullins Bass Centre.

Demonstrations were held throughout the weekend, away from the main hall, which covered MIDI, software, sampling and recording.

Kim Joseph, from ABC Music and joint organisers of the show, was very pleased with the response to the show. They hope to make it an annual event and next years has already been booked.

Play by ear

Listen out for 'Earthscapes', the first commercial release from Will Thomson and Trevor Nightingale on the Lumina Music label. The duo have been writing and recording tunes as library music and for television for a number of years. They use an Atari 1040 ST with C-Lab's Notator sequencer and Unitor synchroniser. Yamaha, Roland, Ensoniq, Akai and Sequential Circuits instruments feature musician-side of the mixing desk. And, of course, they read Micro Music.

Earthscapes is a tour de force of beautiful (though obviously electronic) music. You could stroll the mean deserted streets at night to this music, or wander through a misty glade, hold hands with the leading lady and experience your first kiss. You could stare out into the parched desert with the mountains beyond and contemplate the adventure ahead. As you listen the earth can rush beneath you, the eagle soar, the sun rise (and set) and the wind blow through your hair. I found in some tunes the haunting qualities of Celtic folk music and I enjoyed the escapist dream times that the mood music put into my head. Turn off the lights, close your eyes and drift away...

Earthscapes is available through Our Price records, price £9.99 CD or £5.99 cassette for the car. Mail order from Lumina Music, (Contact Details). And as the cover says: 'this music is available for licensing and synchronisation'.

We are beginning to hear more and more about our readers' music making exploits and are keen to feature you and your work. If you have either recordings or performances to publicise then get in touch with the News Editor, Micro Music, (Contact Details).

Hybrid Technology at BETT '90

Hybrid will be using Bett (17-20 January at the Barbican) to launch its new BBC Micro music package for the educational market. Music 5000 'universal' is an add-on synthesizer module that provides stereo sound to any standard BBC Micro music program, replacing the internal sound without any modification to the program or package.

It becomes the new minimum entry level package in the Hybrid range. Schools can upgrade it to the full system by adding an Ample software pack and Music 4000 Keyboard.

Hybrid will also be demonstrating the Music 3000 Expander and Ample Toolbox, directed at secondary music departments and Sound Worlds, directed at infant, primary and special needs.

Contact: Hybrid Technology (Contact Details)

Jools Holland and Casio Training VID Team Up

Casio have recently completed a training video, designed to teach sales staff with no knowledge of musical instruments, the basics of selling keyboards.

The video features Jools Holland in a Phillip Marlowe style scenario. He introduces the salesman to the four key points used in demonstrating keyboards most effectively, after having seen him lose a sale through lack of knowledge about the product. Jools then goes on to show him the range of Casio equipment.

Jools plays solos on the MT-640, SA-20, MT-240 and the CT-660 keyboards. Phil Lewis, sales manager for Casio said, "The video will go a long way towards easing the task of salespeople unused to selling musical instruments".

Contact: Casio Electronics Co Ltd (Contact Details)

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Micro Music - Feb 1990

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