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That Was Then

Pink Floyd

Article from Making Music, November 1987

This is 27-year-old David Gilmour of the Pink Floyd progressive rock group captured by photography early in 1974. "Dark Side Of The Moon" had come out the previous year, and it would be another year before the group managed to produce another LP ("Wish You Were Here"). Admire the carefully tended locks of hair as they caress the butch US-style "T-shirt". Wonder at the 1970s technology racked up to Mr Gilmour's side, especially the dual unit Binson Echorec, a device using manky old analogue-style tape to provide dirty old analogue-style echo for the sonically curious David. And hark unto the words of our David at the time of the picture. "The Stratocaster is one of two that I own, but this is my favourite. It has a recent body, and electrics about two years old. The neck is from a ten-year-old Strat — they made them better then." Uh-huh: and what about the all-important speakery bit we can't see? "I've tried systems with things like bass speakers, middle units and treble horns," said the 1974-style Gilmour, "and although you can get a very high quality low volume sound, it doesn't sound right at high volume, like my 4x12." No doubt Mr Dave is better equipped 13 years later in the new slimmed-down Punk Fluid (that's the Scottish version).

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Making Music - Nov 1987

The Front End


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> Red Tape

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> Would You Like A Nice Rat?

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