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C-Tape Developments Ltd, manufacturers of the C-ducer mic and owners of Cactus drums, will be holding a series of clinics all over the country from late April to early June. The Cactus digital drum kit, upgraded by C-tape will be demonstrated with new voices, as will the C-ducer microphone and sampling device and there will also be opportunities for hands-on experience. The dates are: April 20th - Birmingham, April 27th - Liverpool, April 30th - Shrewsbury, May 4th - Edinburgh, May 11th - Glasgow, May 18th - Derby, May 25th - Newcastle, June 1st - Hull, June 8th - Sheffield. Details are available from Andre Walton and John Ribet, C-Tape Developments, (Contact Details).

Garfield Electronics have just announced the introduction of a musical instrument synchronisation interface called 'Master Beat'. It features sync generation in beats per minute, 24, 25, or 30 FPS film/video calibrated tempos from all SMPTE formats and can produce all four SMPTE codes. In addition, all 16 musical sync formats can be generated simultaneously, and syncing to click tracks, live tracks, MIDI and all sync codes is accomplished by a 'Doctor Click' facility. There is also a high resolution programmable timing map that allows for adjustment for 'rhythmic feel' as well as six multi-programmable SMPTE controlled event gates with 5 volt and contact closure outputs for synchronised sound effects and contact triggering. You can even sync from pulse information in a live performance in live tracking mode. Information available from Garfield Electronics, (Contact Details)

Following the release of the Pro 320, Pro 420 and Pro 520 headphones in January, Memorex have now designed and built a lightweight model; the Pro 220 to add to the series. Unlike its bigger brothers, the Pro 220 has no headband, but fits directly into the ear. However, they have a similar frequency range response (20-20kHz), and are fitted with a 3.5mm to 6.4mm jack adaptor. Further details are available from Memtek products, (Contact Details).

Otari's EC101 synchroniser for their MTR90II multitrack will become available in Britain from April. They will come supplied with the new Model CB121 Remote Controller, which can be connected via a central cable to an MTR90. Its eight digit display shows Master and Slave time codes, as well as Stored Offset and Difference, and a wide variety of functions can be selected on the CB121, including the capacity to enter, capture or trim the offsets up or down.

The Adams-Smith 2600 vertical time generator and reader modules, as well as a translator interface for delivering longitudinal time code in sync with a VITC input is now obtainable from Marquee Electronics. All units in the system 2600 series are individually microprocessor controlled, and linked by a data bus. Because the VITC reader can read code at speeds of over forty times the play speed in either direction, LTC becomes unnecessary and this enables audio tracks to be used for other purposes. Further information can be obtained from Marquee Electronics Ltd, (Contact Details).

Fane are now producing a complete range of speakers, including the MD2050; a full range 1" compression driver, with a frequency response of 2kHz to 20 kHz, and average sensitivity of 105dB and a power rating of 50W. There is also a 12", 150W speaker with a frequency range of 40Hz to 21kHz that's designed to be used either as a PA or for domestic use. Another model has been released in their 'Classic' series, rated at 50W, and 80W and 150W models have also been introduced into the 'Specialist' range, customised for rock guitar players. As if this weren't enough, a 5", 50W model, intended for PA or compact monitor uses and a 10", 100W midrange model are also now on the market. All enquiries should be addressed to the UK distributors; Audio Factors, (Contact Details).

A miniature Festival of Electronic Music is to be held in Stockton-on-Tees on the 7th-8th June. Ranging from 'electro-rock' to 'classical' music, the concerts will make use of some of the most advanced digital synthesis products. However the emphasis of the concert is on the human aspect as will be shown by Tim Souster's piece 'Work' for computer operating pianist that uses the Acorn Music 500 system.

Aside from the concerts, the festival will also include workshops, open rehearsals, trade stands demonstrating equipment and an exhibition of painting and sculpture. Full details are available from (Contact Details) or from (Contact Details).

In conjunction with Birmingham University, Preston Montford Field Centre will be holding a course on recording wildlife from Aug 30th to Sep 1st. It aims to cover not only the techniques and equipment used to record birds and animals in the field, but also all aspects of outdoor recording. In addition it will examine studio techniques for processing field recordings and building up programmes. A wide range of equipment is available ranging from high to low, and the course is designed to be suitable both for the beginner and for those with more experience. The cost is £47. Details are obtainable from (Contact Details).

The Brighton Home Recording Show will take place this year at a new venue; the Norfolk Hotel, because it will allow more room for the exhibits. The exhibition will be open from 6-9 p.m. on the 19th April, 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on the 20th and 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the 21st. An entrance charge will be made but bread and breakfast is available. In addition to the exhibits, lectures will be held on Home Recording on all three days that the show takes place. For further details, please contact Dianne Lower at Tape Shop Ltd, (Contact Details).

Our Thailand correspondent reports that an unidentified Buddhist monk living at a village by the name of Pa Barn Tard has discovered essential uses for modern technology in monastic life. His recent purchase of a high speed cassette duplicator from Graff Electronic Machines enables the monks to speed up the distribution of their thoughts and will aid the teaching of ancient mantras. The recorder has had to be adapted to run on batteries, and a full after-sales service provided to the monastery. Publication of 'Zen and the Art of Multitrack Maintenance' is expected to follow shortly.

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Home & Studio Recording - May 1985

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