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The Grid - On The Grid

Interview | Music Technology, Apr 1990

When Soft Cell disbanded, Marc Almond quickly established himself as a solo artist, but what became of his keyboard-playing partner? David Bradwell talks to David Ball about his latest project.

The Grid - Grid Patterns

Interview | Music Technology, Nov 1992
Floyd, Eno, Gabriel... Grid?

New Grid on the block

The Grid - Children of the Evolution

Interview | The Mix, Oct 1994

Talking pictures with the dance duo

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The Grid - National grid

News | The Mix, Jul 1994
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Steinberg Cubase - Part 2

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1989
Atari ST Software

In the second half of this definitive review. Nigel Lord looks into the editing and scorewriting facilities of Steinberg's latest sequencing software.

Virtuoso In-Depth

Feature | Micro Music, Dec 1989

Jim Spriggs gives us a more comprehensive look at the first package to come from the Digital Muse


Review | Music Technology, Jul 1989
Atari ST Software

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Or is it possibly the most impressive piece of software around? Ian Waugh plugs into the Grid and emerges a wiser man.

TDM Virtuoso

Review | Music Technology, Oct 1989

From a new British company comes a new Atari ST software sequencer that looks set to rival Notator and Cubase for power and versatility. The virtuous Nigel Lord boots it up.

The Digital Muse Prodigy

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1990
Software for the Atari ST

Son of TDM's Virtuoso ST sequencing software, the budget Prodigy retains many of its parent's best features. Ian Waugh checks out the fastest little sequencer in the west.

Valves Revealed

Feature | One Two Testing, Jan 1983

They glow, they get warm, they emit fabulous sounds then break. One Two casts its one good scientific eye over the story of the bottle and comes up with some answers.

Steinberg Cubeat

Review | Music Technology, May 1991
Atari Sequencing Software

Son of Cubase: this stripped-down version of Steinberg's powerful sequencer retains many of its best functions. Nigel Lord and ST, and Cubase makes three.

Clash of the Titans

Review | Micro Music, Oct/Nov 1989

Two multi-tasking packages, Virtuoso and Cubase, meet in the ring. Jim Spriggs plays referee

Software Support

Feature | Topic: Computing, Sequencing | Sound On Sound, Sep 1991
Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints and tips from the software manufacturers themselves. This month: C-Lab, Steinberg, and Coda.

Compu-Mates R100 DrumDroid

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1988

A new programming aid for the Kawai R100 takes the form of DrumDroid software for the Atari ST. Scott Gershin becomes a "mouse drummer".


Review | Sound On Sound, Sep 1989

Designed by musicians for musicians, The Digital Muse’s long-awaited MIDI sequencer for the Atari ST offers 99 tracks, real-time multitasking operation, ultra-fast screen redraws, and a host of comprehensive features with which to make music. So does it live up to expectation? David Hughes finds out...

Iconix Software

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1987
Software for the Atari ST

The first release from a British company called System Exclusive is a 128-track sequencer for the Atari ST. Simon 'ST Trask (and his assistant, 'Mouse') find it both powerful and flexible.

Steinberg Cubeat

Review | Sound On Sound, Nov 1990

With Cubase and Notator fighting it out at the top end, Steinberg appear to have left Pro24 to defend its once dominant position in the mid-priced ST sequencer market. Now reinforcements are available with the release of Cubeat, a cut-down version of Cubase. David Hughes takes it into battle.

Software Support

Feature | Topic: Computing, Sequencing | Sound On Sound, Jun 1989
Hints, Tips & News From The World Of Music Software

More hints, tips, and update news from the world of music software.

Bit By Bit MIDIDrummer

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1989
Software for the Atari ST

If you're currently using a software sequencer you'll almost certainly remember the days of drum machine programming as sublimely simple. Ian Waugh investigates a program that returns to basics.

Studio Mains Supplies - Part 6

Feature | Topic: Maintenance / Repair / Modification | Home & Studio Recording, Nov 1985

The final part of the saga.

Pandora Technologies !Inspiration

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1991
Archimedes Software

It's been a long time coming, and there have been problems along the way, but there's now a pro sequencer for Acorn's Archimedes. Ian Waugh opens Pandora's box.


Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Dec 1985
Yamaha CX5M Software

Three packages for the CX5M — eight-track real-time sequencer, DX21 voice editor and RX editor — are put through their paces by E&MM’s review team.

Boss DR110 Drum Machine

Review | One Two Testing, Feb 1984

The Trackman Cometh

Review | Micro Music, Aug/Sep 1989

Dave Reed finds happiness in the Channel Islands thanks to the Trackman sequencer for the ST

Breakthru Tutorial

Tutorial | Music Technology, Nov 1992

A smashing offer



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