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We found these other (non-interview) articles that are linked to this artist:-

Wings - Hands Across the Water

Review | Sound International, Jul 1978
Wings Tour USA
This artist was mentioned in these other (non-interview) articles:-

Dave Stewart's Music Seminar - Part 11

Feature | Topic: Music Theory | Sound On Sound, May 1991
Waiting In The Wings

Part 11. Dave Stewart explains the recording of one of his songs and passes on a few tips into the bargain.

Dealer News

News | Topic: Retail | International Musician, Mar 1975

Electric Avenue

Review | One Two Testing, May 1984
Cheap Electrics

Guitars from Sakura, Vox, Westone, Hondo...

The A-Z of Analogue - Part 1

Feature | Topic: Vintage Instruments | Music Technology, Aug 1993

Introducing MT's unique encyclopedia of analogue synthesisers: part 1, Akai to ARP


Feature | Topic: Live | Music Technology, Feb 1994

Legal raves demand state-of-the-art audio-visual technology, and Fantazia are the experts. Dave Arcari reports from the dance floor


News | The Mix, Dec 1994
Sounds, samples, & software upgrades for the modern studio

Disks, gadgets, samples and bits for the computing musician

New Electronic & Instrumental Music In The Late 1980s

Feature | Sound On Sound, Apr 1989
An overview

Mark Prendergast presents a general overview of record labels, artists, and recordings that make up the exciting area of new electronic and experimental music in the late 1980s.

Ibanez Roadstar guitars

Review | One Two Testing, Jan 1983
RS205, RS100

Two new six strings of familiar heritage from the Ibanez stable.

Hands Across the Water

Review | Sound International, Jul 1978
Wings Tour USA

Sample Shop

Review | Sound On Sound, Jan 1993

E-Mu Vintage Keys

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1993
Sound Module

Take 20 classic keyboards into the shower? Now you can just trigger and go with E-mu's Vintage Keys sound module, provider of sampled keyboard sounds from the Minimoog to the Mellotron. But who would you have in goal?, asks Peter Forrest

EMR Studio 24+

Review | Music Technology, Oct 1989

Still suffering from a dearth of software, the powerful Acorn Archimedes computer has yet to gain acceptance in music circles - will this sequencer help it on its way? Ian Waugh checks it out.

Concert Review

Music Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Mar 1983

Stanley Clarke & George Duke, Pat Benatar and AMM

Steinberg Topaz

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1990
Computer Controlled Recorder

One of the prime forces for the 90s is sure to be digital recording and editing - as found in TOPAZ. Simon Trask previews a powerful new system from Steinberg Digital Audio.

The Spanner

Review | Home & Studio Recording, May 1985


Retrospective (Gear) | Topic: Vintage Instruments | Music Technology, Aug 1991
Arp Pro Soloist, Korg Sigma & Roland SH2000

In the early days of analogue synths, reconciling electronics and expression was hard work. Gordon Reid looks at the beginnings of pressure sensitivity.

When The Going Gets Tough

Feature | Topic: Music Business | Music Technology, Nov 1986

Recording your own music is only the first step to getting it heard; to do that, you need to deal with A&R people at record companies. Paul Tingen meets them, and discovers why so few bands succeed in impressing them.

Master Cuts

Feature | Topic: Mastering | International Musician, Jul 1975
The Master Room

Cutting masters is a fine art. George Peckham discusses the problems


Editorial | Sound On Sound, Dec 1985

Studio Diary

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | International Musician, Aug 1975

Studio 3D

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | Electronics & Music Maker, Oct 1984

We highlight three recording studios that place the emphasis on music hardware rather than expensive recording equipment: in order of price, East London Community Studio, Hollow Sun, and Computer Music Studios.


Feature | International Musician, Nov 1975
Where To Hire The Things You Cant Afford To Buy

Where to hire the things too expensive to buy.

Inside Views: Aphex

Feature | Topic: Design, Development & Manufacture | Sound On Sound, Jan 1987

Paul Gilby returns with the series that takes a behind the scenes look at companies and design personnel working in the field of music and recording technology. This month: Marvin Caesar, President of Aphex Systems USA - creators of the legendary Aural Exciter.

Studio Diary

Feature | Topic: Recording Studios | International Musician, Dec 1975



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