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DNA - Genetic Engineering

Interview | Music Technology, Apr 1992

It began with an illicit remix of Suzanne Vega and it's already earned them their own album release. Simon Trask tracks down the elusive DNA musical partnership to ask who, how and why.

John Crossley - A Room Of My Own: John Crossley

Interview | Topic: Home Studio | Sound On Sound, May 1993

K-Klass - Khemistry klass

Interview | The Mix, Aug 1994

Wrexham's master remixers spill the beans

Les Adams - LA Gear

Interview | Music Technology, Oct 1989

From his remixes of dance music through his record releases with LA Mix, Les Adams has specialised in making a lot out of a little equipment. His latest project is a solo LP, as Simon Trask finds out.

Lionrock - Fifty feet high and rising

Interview | The Mix, Nov 1994

Lion Rock’s main man and individualist deckmaster

Paul Dakeyne - Remix, Remake, Remodel

Interview | Music Technology, Jul 1987

Are record producers losing their touch now they've regained their influence? Are DJs better-equipped to make music that moves? Simon Trask gets the answers from an objective source - one of Britain's top remix DJs.

Phil Kelsey - Remixing With Phil Kelsey

Interview | Sound On Sound, Nov 1993

The art of remixing laid bare by DMC's top remixer.

QDIII - Q lights, Q studio, QDIII...

Interview | The Mix, Aug 1994

Richie Hawtin - Kracked Plastik

Interview | The Mix, Dec 1994

Explains his complex minimalism

Richie Rich

Interview | Phaze 1, Apr 1989

Simon Bozwell

Interview | Home & Studio Recording, Mar 1986

Simon is both a musician and a producer. This month he talks to Paul White about, amongst other things, his work doing 12" remixes for Nik Kershaw.

The Beautiful People - Purple Phase

Interview Audio | The Mix, Jul 1994

Hendrix rises again - thanks to two musicians, a helpful bureaucrat, and a rack-full of Akais

The Beautiful People - Beautiful Noise

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jul 1993
The Beautiful People: If 60s Were 90s...

The Orb - Tune In, Turn On, Chill Out

Interview | Music Technology, Jun 1991

Riding the ambient house wave, The Orb have released a concept album that mixes dance beats with new age textures. Tim Goodyer tunes in to Alex Paterson and Thrash as they chill out with technology.

The Orb - Dream Sequence

Interview | Music Technology, Nov 1993

The original ambient funsters have a new studio album all but ready, a live album on the way and a major recording deal in the offing. Jonathan Miller encounters Dr Alex Paterson and Thrash on the verge of a higher plane...

The Orb - Portcard from the Edge

Interview | Music Technology, Jan 1994
Chris Craig interview

Bruce Hepton trips the light fantastic with The Orb's visuals, man

The Orb - A message from Planet Orb

Interview | The Mix, Aug 1994

The Orb

Interview | Sound On Sound, May 1993
It Came From Outer Space

The Rapino Brothers - The Italian Job

Interview Audio | The Mix, Oct 1994
Rapino Brothers

Kylie and Take That’s remixers talk technique

Tony Thorpe - Mood Music

Interview | Music Technology, May 1994

...aka The Moody Boys, Voyager and Urban Jungle, and remixer by appointment to KLF, System 7 and many others. Phil Ward uncovers the real Tony Thorpe.

Youth - Musical Youth

Interview | Sound On Sound, Jan 1993



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