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Alan Parsons - The Alan Parsons Project

Sound On Sound, May 1986

The man who took the credit for production on Pink Floyd's superlative 'Dark Side Of The Moon' album has since had ten years of album success with his own creation: The Alan Parsons Project. Richard Elen managed to track him down to London's Mayfair Studios, to discuss the appliance of music technology in his recordings.

Andre Jacquemin - And Now For Something Completely Different

Home & Studio Recording, Mar 1985

An interesting interview with Andre Jacquemin who just happens to be the man responsible for the recording of the Monty Python madness that's surfaced on film and vinyl over the last decade or so.

Andrew Jones

Home & Studio Recording, Sep 1983

Sound engineer with Sky chats about his work and gives advice about recording.

Calum Malcolm - King Of The Castle

Music Technology, Dec 1992

Calum Malcolm: Going to Caledonia

Dave Meegan - ...I Nearly Joined The Foreign Legion! - Part 1

Topic: Recording Studios | Sound On Sound, Nov 1985

Engineer Dave Meegan recalls how depression helped land him a plum position at Trevor Horn's Sarm West Studios. Chris Allison listened with great interest.

Dave Meegan - ...I Nearly Joined The Foreign Legion! - Part 2

Topic: Recording Studios | Sound On Sound, Dec 1985

Last month we followed the career of Dave Meegan as he progressed from studio tape-op to full-time engineer at Trevor Horn's Sarm West Studios. This time Chris Allison discovers Dave's feelings about studio life in the fast lane.

David Richards

Sound On Sound, Aug 1989
Royal Engineer

Mark Jenkins meets David Richards, the sound engineer behind Queen's latest album 'The Miracle'.

Del Palmer - The Sensual World of Kate Bush

Sound On Sound, Apr 1990

Recording engineer Del Palmer has worked with Kate Bush for almost 13 years. Here he provides an insight into how this innovative lady works in the studio and the background to the recording of her hugely successful album, 'The Sensual World'.

Hugh Padgham - The Sound of Success

Music Technology, Apr 1987

Still in his early 30s, yet a man who's worked with The Police, Genesis, Bowie and McCartney, Padgham is one of the most successful young producers in the world. Paul Tingen coaxes him into revealing a few secrets.

Hugh Padgham - Production Masterclass With Hugh Padgham

Recording Musician, Oct 1992

Hugh Padgham takes us behind the scenes to explain the tricks and techniques used in the recording and mixing of Phil Collins' 'In the Air Tonight'.

Hugh Padgham - Sting & Hugh Padgham

Recording Musician, May 1993
Recording 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You'

Throw a bunch of talented musicians and a world-class producer into a 16th century mansion, add some juicy gear, shake 'em about and what do you get? Ten Summoner's Tales, if you're lucky.

Hugh Padgham

Sound On Sound, May 1988

Hugh Padgham has worked with some of the best contemporary artists - The Police, Genesis, Sting, Peter Gabriel, Hall & Oates, and Phil Collins, to name but a few - and has earned his place in the recording industry history books through his sensitive, innovative, and inspired sound engineering and production work. How did he do it? Brian Jacobs finds out...

Hugh Padgham

Home & Studio Recording, Jan 1985
Producer Extraordinaire

The genius behind the 'Phil Collins drum sound' reveals how he got started in the industry, his production philosophy and life at The Townhouse.

Kit Wolven - Kit Wolven on Heavy Metal

Home & Studio Recording, May 1987

HM from the control room chair.

Les Paul

International Musician, Nov 1975

Father of the electric guitar, inventor of multitrack recording, Les talks about his life and his work.

Martin Rex - The Mechanic

Music Technology, Jul 1990

In engineering and production - as in musicianship - flexibility and adaptability are precious qualities. Martin Rex has covered artists as varied as Neneh Cherry, Fela Kuti and Michael Nyman - Ollie Crooke listens.

Paul Libson - Portrait Of A Freelance Engineer

Sound On Sound, Feb 1986

Ted Fletcher documents the rise of a talented studio engineer whose recorded credits already include albums by Gary Moore and China Crisis.

Simon Heyworth - Promoting The Soundtrack

Sound On Sound, May 1986

Janet Angus traces the career of this enterprising sound engineer which ranges from recording Mike Oldfield's 'Tubular Bells' and designing Virgin record stores, to his current pre-occupation with improving the quality of film soundtracks.

Steve Lipson - The Price of Fame

Music Technology, May 1987

...Is already hugely successful as an engineer, producer, musician and programmer for the likes of Grace Jones and Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Paul Tingen finds fame has made him disillusioned and cynical.

Steve Rance - Clocking On

One Two Testing, Jan 1983

Steven Tayler - Production Masterclass with Stephen Tayler

Recording Musician, Feb 1993
Recording Chris de Burgh

Stephen Tayler tells Richard Buskin all about recording and mixing Chris de Burgh's recent single, 'By My Side'.

Tom Newman

Sound On Sound, Mar 1987
Tubular Bells, Bayou Moon and other stories

Apart from his claim to fame as the co-producer of Mike Oldfield's hugely successful 'Tubular Bells' album, engineer/producer Tom Newman has most recently been making his mark in the New Age music field with two beautifully recorded albums. Mark Prendergast reports.



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