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Electronics & Music Maker - October 1982

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Ken Freeman

Ken Freeman

We look at how electronics, synths and a PET computer have influenced this versatile British composer.

Fact File

Stephen Luscombe, Adrian Lee and Clare Hirst

Home Electro-Musician

Robert Cox

Understanding Electronics

Envelope Shaping for Percussion

Industry Profile

Future Music

Rhodes Chroma

This month’s Industry Profile visits an audio/video recording and retail outlet in the heart of Essex.

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Music Review

The Bradford Musical Instrument Simulator

Micros and Music

Researchers at the Computer Science Department of Bradford University have come up with a new concept in sound generation. E&MM investigates.

Harrogate International Festival
Show Report

A spotlight on the new products, including the latest in digital technology, at this year's Festival.

Digital Recording Part 1

A New Landmark!

The first of a special two-part feature highlighting the dawn of a new era in audio recording.

Micro Music

The ZX Spectrum Beepquencer

Kate Bush

Kate Bush

Not only vocalist, composer, dancer, choreographer, but also producer for her new album 'The Dreaming', Kate talks about her approach to composition and her newly acquired Fairlight CMI.

Electro-Music Transcription: 'The Dreaming' by Kate Bush

An original Electro-Music Transcription | Kate Bush

Listening to this album/single track alone, the music appears complex and hard to analyse. With this score in front of you, the picture instantly changes and the skill of the composer is revealed.

Electro Music Engineer

Powering Capacitor Microphones

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Music Review

Amdek Distortion Kit

The first of a series of new style kit projects that enable musicians to build and customise effects units with the minimum of technical difficulty.

Guide to Electro-Music Techniques Part 1

Synth Performance Controls

Electronic Music - A Philosophical Defence

Standing at one of the most exciting crossroads in musical history we look at the pros and cons of electronic music.

ElectroMix 842 Part 1

A professional quality mixer for live or studio use at an astounding price. Suitable for 8-track, 4-track and stereo recording.

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