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Electronics & Music Maker - December 1985


The Music Behind The Face

Eno — the man, the painting and the interview.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Newsdesk

Latest news from the world of music technology, with Roland and Yamaha taking centre-stage with the announcement of new polysynths.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Communique

No word from Alistair Cooke as yet, but the mail that counts is here. Readers’ comments on touch-sensitivity, Tangerine Dream and UK Electronica (again) receive an airing.

The Sound Of Silence

A Thursday Afternoon with Brian Eno | Brian Eno

The master of ambience tells Alan Jensen all about art, culture, experimentation and the Smiths.

Accurate Prophecies

Prophet 2000

Following October's preview, Sequential’s new sampler gets the in-depth treatment from Paul Wiffen, who refuses to return the review sample.

Stockhausen sees the Light...


Annabel Scott sits in on 'Donnerstag aus Licht’, the latest concert excursion from a name dropped more often than milk bottles. It’s four hours long, but it’s only a fraction of the finished article.

Screen Test

Sound Designer Software

The Emulator II finds a new friend in the Apple Macintosh, courtesy of a little American ingenuity. Together, the two make sweet sound-editing music, as Paul Wiffen reports.

Birth of a Studio

CTS Studio 4 | Brian Gascoigne

Simon Trask spends a day in the shadow of Wembley Stadium, visiting a new dedicated keyboard studio successfully functioning within the confines of an established studio complex.

Music On Tap

At great risk to the magazine’s circulation, we present a guide to spending your evenings playing music instead of reading about it. Your local may never be the same again.

Hit and Miss

Roland Electronic Drums

Paul White picks up his sticks and puts Roland’s electronic kit through its paces. Can it hold its head up against some stiff competition?

Computer Checklist

The turn of sequencers, software packages and computer music systems to receive attention from E&MM’s unique price guide.

The Appliance Of Science
Show Report

ICMC '85

Ron Briefel recovers from the hi-tech overkill of Digicon to report on a more intellectual Vancouver event, the International Computer Music Conference.

This article has no OCR bodytext.OutTakes
Music Review

E&MM’s usual helping of LP and single reviews, readers’ tape exposes and live reports, brought to you by Tim Goodyer and Simon Trask.

Exploring New Territory

Gibson Explorer Synth

If you want Roland guitar synth sounds, you can now choose what guitar you use to play them. Paul White looks at a Gibson with a difference.

The Air and the Fury

Gary Numan

Star of recording studio and airshow in conversation with Tim Goodyer. Is pop about to lose a hi-tech innovator, and display flying gain a star aviator?


Yamaha CX5M Software

Three packages for the CX5M — eight-track real-time sequencer, DX21 voice editor and RX editor — are put through their paces by E&MM’s review team.

RAP Attack

RAP Software

An ingenious Spectrum/Commodore program that lets you combine whole hordes of MIDI drum machines into compatible systems. Simon Trask gives it the thumbs-up.

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