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Music Technology - November 1988

The Show Must Go On

Tried to find a venue for a gig lately? If you did, the chances are you had problems - so just what's happening to live music?

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Music TV

No television drama would be complete without a soundtrack, but how do you write them? Nicholas Rowland tunes in to the music channel.

Friendchip SRC/AT

MIDI Synchroniser

It's not the cheapest synchroniser money can buy, but it's sophisticated and flexible enough to become one of the most popular. Vic Leonard gets in sync.

World Machine

Gentlemen Without Weapons

Could you make music using only samples from natural sources? Paul Tingen talks to a band who've done just that in an attempt to draw attention to our environment.

Cheetah MS6

Synth Expander

The long-awaited, rack-mounting, multitimbrol, budget analogue synth expander from Cheetah has arrived. Simon Trask turns on and trips out.

Yamaha YS200

FM Synthesiser

Yamaha call It "Easy FM" - it's the latest and most friendly presentation of FM synthesis to date. Ian Waugh takes the easy option.

Mixing Lessons


Mott Black and Jonathan More have enjoyed success as DJs, record producers and artists in their own right. Simon Trask takes it from scratch.

Playing The Game
Retrospective (Gear)

Korg Mono/Poly

As analogue synthesis enjoys a return to popularity, yesterday's synths are becoming regular topics of conversation. Rob Norman rediscovers voltage control.

Kawai Q80

MIDI Sequencer

As software writers continue to flood the market with sequencing packages, Kawai go dedicated. Dave Bertovic investigates the hardware alternative.

We Are The Management

Who are the music biz' management, and do you really need them? David Bradwell talks to the people who take care of the stars and their affairs.

MIDIsoft Studio

Software for the Atari ST

This new Atari ST sequencing software package from America combines affordability with flexibility. Simon Trask applies the soft touch.

Softwind Synthophone

MIDI Saxophone

The latest MIDI wind controller comes from Switzerland and uses a conventional sax body. Michael Andreas checks out the traditionalists' alternative.

Synclavier On The Stage

Alan Ayckbourn

A British playwright looks into the future and sees a composer locked away from the world with a machine that makes music for him. John Walters talks scripts and Synclaviers.

Map Rap

Turning a collection of samples into a usable keyboard patch is one of the most important aspects of sampling. Tom McLaughlin puts samples on the map.

Digigram Studio 24 & Big Band

Software for the Atari ST

Another sequencing package for the Atari ST, but this one has a companion that will help compose and arrange your music. Ian Waugh strikes up the band.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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