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Music Technology - February 1989

Product Perfect

Question: when is a song not a song, and a musical instrument not a musical instrument? Answer: when they're products. Is the music industry terminology robbing music of its personality?

This article has no OCR bodytext.Newsdesk

Latest pre-Frankfurt equipment news, word of more software for Yamaha's new C1 computer and additions to Alesis' range of micro effects are only part of MT's regular news pages.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Communique

Enquiries concerning the ARP Axxe and Odyssey, defence of the UK Electronica and an analysis of popular music - the view from Brazil - ensure life is never dull on MT's letters page.

DACS MIDI Patchbay

Tense, nervous headache? Then you've probably got a patching problem in your studio. Vic Leonard looks at a cost-effective solution to MIDI-patching nightmares.

Soundbits Roland 3D Editor/Librarian

Software for the Atari ST

Good news for you Roland D10, D20 and D110 owners comes in the form of this Atari ST editing software. "I could do with a D", says Vic Leonard.

Electric Blue

From the first all-electronic record label to the first ARS Electronica concert, Hubert Bognermayr has been one of electronic music's pioneers. David Bradwell makes the Austrian connection.

The Bass Race

The acid house explosion has turned Roland's TB303 Bassline into one of the most sought-after pieces of analogue technology. Simon Trask looks at the machine behind the myth.

Steinberg Twelve

Software for the Atari ST

If your music's been demanding a Steinberg sequencer but your pocket's been denying you Pro24, this new budget package could be your salvation. Baby talk: Vic Leonard.

Symetrix 511A Noise Reduction Unit

Noise reduction is an essential part of any professional recording; but there's more than one way of providing it and more than one way of using it. Silence is golden to Vic Lennard.

A Night In The Studio

Their '88 acid house hits took Britain's clubland by storm, but now S' Express are taking their sampling a stage further. Tim Goodyer enjoys the trip.

Convention Invention
Show Report

AES Convention 1988

Los Angeles' recent AES convention pointed the way ahead for recording technology. Bob O'Donnell takes a trip to the fair and finds the rides to his liking.

C-Lab Creator And Notator

Software for the Atari ST

Following the success of C-Lab's Creator sequencing software for the Atari ST, the company have updated it and added a sophisticated scorewriting program. Simon Trask takes note.

Riding The Silver Wave

The move from fashion model to pop starlet is many a young girl's dream but Lizzie Tear is already over halfway there. David Bradwell counts the remixes.

This article has no OCR bodytext.Competition

Your chance to pick up the latest version of Steinberg's classic Pro24 sequencing software for free. The price is right for the "lucky winner".

Bring the Noise

If you intend to make samples of acoustic instruments or events, you're going to need a microphone - but which one? David Bradwell checks the various types and their uses.

Toa MR8T

Eight-track cassette recorder

When the first Portastudio was launched, it caused a revolution in the recording industry - now you can put eight tracks on the same tape. Vic Lennard punches in.


The delicate chimes of a Korg EX800 join Roland D50 and JX3P basses in MT's regular selection of readers' own synth patches. Why not submit one of yours?

Roland R8

Human Rhythm Composer

Since the days of the TR808, Roland have set standards for many other drum machines; now they're concentrating on the human angle. Simon Trask tests the "Human Rhythm Composer".

Dr T's/Virtual Sounds Samplemaker

From the American Dr Ts comes an Atari ST program capable of additive, FM, AM and multiwaveform synthesis as well as sample editing. Chris Meyer asks if facilities are everything.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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