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Music Technology - June 1990

Mime Artists

To mime or not to mime, that is the question. Just when does miming stop being a convenient practice in presenting music TV programs and start to have an effect on the music itself?

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As we approach this year's APRS show, news from the music equipment manufacturers is coming in thick 'n' fast. There's some good kit on the horizon.

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Letters from the front - a warning message from Beats International's Andy Boucher and a man in search of Amiga music software feature in this month's readers' letters page.

Quinsoft Trax

Software for the Atari ST

If you and your studio are in business together, money management can be a big problem. Tim Goodyer checks out a useful accounts program and a host of studio utilities written with the musician in mind.

Roland D70

Just when you thought it was safe to be blasé about L/A synthesis, Roland introduce a mighty synth sure to re-establish L/A as a current source of sounds. Simon Trask previews Roland's new flagship.

Korg Wavestation

Taking onboard the "Vector" synthesis of the Prophet VS, Korg's latest synth offers a fresh approach to modern synthesis. Simon Trask previews Korg's latest synth.


Software for the Amiga

One of the Atari ST's most flexible sequencers recently found itself ported across to the Commodore Amiga. Ian "Dr W" Waugh finds what Amiga owners have been missing.

On The Beat Part 11

Washington DC is the home of one of the world's most powerful, yet under-recognised dance rhythms. Nigel Lord goes for go-go in MT's unique drum-programming series.

Vestax MR200

If you're already running a MIDI studio on a budget and want to add a handful of tape tracks, the Vestax MR200 could be the answer. Nigel Lord checks out a cassette multitracker that won't cost you much more than £300.

Age of Chance


Abandoning guitars for samplers, Skin became Fluke and discovered new artistic freedom. Simon Trask listens to the man/machine argument from people who've learned both sides of it.

Miditemp PMM88

As your MIDI studio expands, MIDI management becomes more and more important. Vic Lennard investigates an 8x8 MIDI patchbay that could make your music more important than your MIDI leads.

Akai XR10

Akai's latest drum machine attempts to combine the best of programmable and preset rhythm units. Simon Trask assesses this marketing strategy while listening to some dope drum sounds.

Tears For Fears

Tears for Fears

After spending four years recording The Seeds of Love, Tears for Fears are back and touring the world. Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal talk tears and technology with Dan Rue and Tim Goodyer.

Roland S770 Part 1

We've waited patiently for Roland's super sampler - but now it's here, and every bit as hot as expected. Simon Trask asks if Roland have set a new standard in digital samplers.



If you're looking to expand your sampler's vocabulary of drum sounds or your D50 library, Patchworks' Drumtrax sample tape and PA Decoder's D50 Rom Volume III should be worth checking out - start here.


Drumtrax 1 Sample Tape

If you're looking to expand your sampler's vocabulary of drum sounds or your D50 library, Patchworks' Drumtrax sample tape and PA Decoder's D50 Rom Volume III should be worth checking out - start here.

Dr T's Tiger

Never one to use a word when an acronym will do, Dr T's have christened their new sequencer The Integrated Graphic Editor and Recorder. Glen Darcy puts a Tiger in his tank.

Effective Action

Outboard signal processors have been sporting MIDI sockets on their rear panels for some time now, but just what can MIDI do for fx and how can you best use it? Vic Lennard patches into processing.

Fostex 454

The gear piles up in your home studio, and you realise you can't manage another mix without a decent desk - but how can you afford it? Nigel "Mixmiser" Lord puts Fostex' budget desk through its paces.

Music Technology - Copyright: Music Maker Publications (UK), Future Publishing.


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