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Fix it in the Mix

Feature | Topic: Sampling | Sound On Sound, Jul 1987
With A Sampling Keyboard

Sampling keyboards offer far more creative scope for sound manipulation than most people give them credit for and they can be a real life-saver during studio mixdowns. Craig Anderton reveals some modern day production tips that will allow you to put your sampler to good use.

AudioFrame Grows Up

Review | Sound On Sound, Jan 1989

Although expensive, digital audio workstations are a pointer to the kind of features we can expect to see on the next generation of 'affordable' hi-tech instruments. Craig Anderton takes a look at one of the very latest workstations to appear, the AudioFrame.

The Art Of Recording Electronic Instruments

Feature | Topic: Recording | Sound On Sound, Aug 1991

Recording acoustic instruments is a fine art, but electronic instruments present their own set of problems. Craig Anderton explains how to do it properly.

How Analogue Synthesizers Work

Feature | Topic: Synthesis & Sound Design | Sound On Sound, Dec 1987

They've been a mainstay of electronic music for over 20 years, they're less expensive than ever before, and they still make sounds the digital machines can't. Analogue synthesizers have been receiving some digital assistance of late, but at heart they're still analogue synthesizers - and if you want to make them perform magic, you need to speak their language. Craig Anderton is your interpreter...

49 Hot Signal Processing Tips

Feature | Topic: Effects Processing | Sound On Sound, Jun 1989

The more imagination you apply to signal processors, the more you can get out of them. Craig Anderton presents 49 tips that take you beyond stock effects and into new ways of creating your own sonic signature.

Sample + Synthesis

Feature | Topic: Synthesis & Sound Design | Sound On Sound, Nov 1991
Programming Clinic

Most of the current generation of digital synthesizers use a blend of sampling and synthesis techniques to produce their sounds — a powerful combination, but perhaps less easily understood than analogue synthesis. Synth guru Craig Anderton offers some hints and tips on how to get the best out of 'S+S' instruments.

Shopping For A Synth

Feature | Topic: Buyer's Guide | Sound On Sound, Jan 1988
Sometimes The Little Things Count

When shopping for a synthesizer, most people know to look for major features like the amount of patch storage, whether split and layered keyboard configurations are possible, and so on. But paying attention to features that make it easier to programme sounds is very important if you want to attain your maximum level of creativity. Craig Anderton offers guidance.

Editor’s Note

Editorial | Polyphony, Jan/Feb 1981

Interfacing External Signals with the Gnome Micro-Synthesizer

Feature | Topic: Electronics / Build, Maintenance / Repair / Modification | Polyphony, Oct 1976
Guitar/Gnome Interface

AES New York

Show Report | Sound On Sound, Jan 1988

New York was the setting for the 83rd Convention of the Audio Engineering Society, where audio manufacturers gathered to show off their new wares. Craig Anderton provides a rundown of the main highlights.

Build a Pulse Width Multiplier

Feature | Topic: Electronics / Build | Polyphony, Jan/Feb 1981

How To Make An EGG Mod

Feature | Topic: Electronics / Build, Maintenance / Repair / Modification | Polyphony, Jul 1977

Ensoniq SQ-80

Review | Sound On Sound, Feb 1988
Cross Wave Synthesizer

The onboard 8-track sequencer and sampled waveforms of the ESQ-1 make it a hard act for any manufacturer to follow. So what further features does Ensoniq's new SQ-80 synthesizer have that could possibly outshine its stablemate? Craig Anderton explores...

Dod Mod II: Chorus

Feature | Topic: Maintenance / Repair / Modification | Polyphony, Jan/Feb 1981

Update Gnome / Guitar Interface

Feature | Polyphony, Jul 1977

Customising Synth Patches

Feature | Topic: Synthesis & Sound Design | Sound On Sound, Feb 1988

Craig Anderton offers some valuable hints and tips to help liven up your synthesizer's factory presets.

Editor's Note

Editorial | Polyphony, Jul/Aug 1981

The Ultimate Blinky Light

Feature | Topic: Electronics / Build | Polyphony, Nov 1977
LED Wall Art - Visual Environment Machine

Ensoniq Performance Sampler

Review | Sound On Sound, Feb 1988

The ability to load new samples whilst playing is only one of many performance-related features which make the 20-voice EPS stand out from the current crowd of sampling keyboards. Craig Anderton reveals the others...

Anatek Pocket MIDI Accessories

Review | Sound On Sound, Aug 1989

Craig Anderton checks out this new trio of pocket-sized MIDI accessories.

Winter 1992 NAMM Show Report

Show Report | Sound On Sound, Mar 1992

NAMM veteran Craig Anderton with news from the biggest and best music show in the US.

Sampling Ensoniq

Feature | Topic: Design, Development & Manufacture | Sound On Sound, Feb 1988

Craig Anderton goes behind the scenes at Ensoniq's US headquarters to discover more about the company that made sampling technology truly affordable.

Dynacord ADS Sampler

Review | Sound On Sound, Feb 1990

The ADS sampler has the look and feel of a German sports car - expensive, no-nonsense, and high performance. Craig Anderton takes it for a test drive.

Killer Kurzweil

Review | Sound On Sound, Mar 1992
Kurzweil K2000

Kurzweil's new keyboard offers genuine innovation: versatile synthesis, an unparalleled user interface, and up to 64MB of user sampling are only the start of what sets the K2000 apart from other sample-based instruments. Craig Anderton explains why it will turn the head of even the most jaded technophile.

Digital Audio Workstations

Feature | Topic: Digital Audio Workstations | Sound On Sound, Apr 1988

The coming of age of the Digital Audio Workstation has implications that go far beyond being simply another item of interest to electronic musicians. Craig Anderton brings us up to date on what’s happening at the top-end of the professional recording world and how it will affect us mere mortals.



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