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360 Systems MIDI Patcher

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Jul 1986

A MIDI routing device from keyboard manufacturers 360 Systems. Our American correspondent Rick Davies puts it through its paces.

Scratch Samples

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Sep 1986
Digidesign SoftSynth

E&MM US Editor Rick Davies takes a trip to Palo Alto, California, to see an Apple Mac software package that uses additive synthesis to turn samplers into synthesisers.

Digidesign Burner Software

Review | Electronics & Music Maker, Oct 1986

Fancy putting that percussion sound you sampled with your keyboard into your digital drum machine? Rick Davies discovers that all things are possible in California.

Hybrid Arts ADAP

Review | Music Technology, Nov 1986
Computer Sampling System

Sampling keyboards are everywhere this year, but most of them are confined to 12-bit resolution. Our US Editor, Rick Davies, gets a taste of 16-bit sampling with an incredibly cheap Atari-based system.

Palmtree Instruments Airdrums

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1986

From America comes a set of unique MIDI percussion controllers that work by sensing the direction you shake them in. Rick Davies previews them.

Kawai K3 Synth System

Review | Music Technology, Dec 1986
Digital Wave Memory Synthesiser

Rick Davies gets to grips with a polyphonic synthesiser that allows users to create their own waveforms, a process made easier by Hybrid Arts' voice editing software.

Sequential Studio 440

Review | Music Technology, Jan 1987

After the disaster that was the Linn 9000, why would anyone want to build another combined sampling drum machine and sequencer. Rick Davies has the answer.

Mono Mode - Part 6

Feature Series | Topic: MIDI | Music Technology, Jan 1987
Getting the Most from Mono Mode

You may have your heart set on a specific MIDI guitar controller, but do you know which kind of synth voice unit to combine it with? Rick Davies offers some interactive advice.

Getting the Most from... Mono Mode - Part 7

Feature Series | Topic: MIDI | Music Technology, Feb 1987

You may have what seems like the perfect combination of MIDI voice module and guitar controller, but without some kind of interface unit, you may not get the best out of them. Rick Davies points you in the right direction.

Father of Invention

Interview | Music Technology, Feb 1987

What makes one of rock music's most eccentric and unpredictable characters lock his guitar in a cupboard and take to composing on a Synclavier instead? Rick Davies provides the answers in an exclusive interview.

Stepp DG1 Electronic Guitar

Review | Music Technology, Feb 1987

The "guitar player's synthesiser" is now in full production. We analyse the mechanics of the Stepp, and let two musicians - a guitarist and a keyboard player - give their views on its playability.

Simmons SPM8:2 Programmable MIDI Mixer

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1987

Could you squeeze an eight-channel programmable MIDI mixer into a 1U-high rack-mounting unit? Simmons could, and their endeavours could appeal to all kinds of musicians, as Rick Davies reveals.

Dr T Keyboard Controlled Sequencer

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1987
for Atari ST Computer

One of America's most innovative software houses comes up with its first program for a 16-bit computer, the Atari ST. Rick Davies takes it for a spin.

Yamaha DX7IID & DX7IIFD FM Digital Synthesisers

Review | Music Technology, Mar 1987

After a trickle of early publicity, the successors to the immortal DX7 have arrived. Rick Davies finds out just what it takes to update a legend in music technology, and wonders if the improvements have been worth the wait

West Coast Story

Show Report | Music Technology, Mar 1987
Winter NAMM 1987

Our spectacular show coverage starts here, with masses of information - backed up by colour photographs - on the biggest Winter NAMM show there's ever been...

Audio-Optics QED

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1987
Infra-Red Guitar Pickup

It sounds like sci-fi, but someday, all guitar pickups may work by sensing shadows along the frets with an infrared detector. Rick Davies again.

Kawai K5 Synthesiser

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1987

Real-time additive synthesis at an affordable price will become a reality when the KS hits the shops later this year. Rick Davies previews Kawai's best yet.

Korg DRV2000

Review | Music Technology, Apr 1987
Programmable MIDI Reverb

In the first of two appraisals of digital reverb units that offer real-time control of parameters via MIDI, Rick Davies analyses Korg's affordable approach...

360 Systems MIDIMerge+

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1987

Rick Davies casts an eye on the latest box from a company that seems to specialise in designing useful, rack-mounting MIDI processors.

Kawai R50 Drum Machine

Review | Music Technology, Jun 1987

It's only a month since we reviewed Kawai's R100 beatbox, yet already they've come up with a cheaper version. Rick Davies previews it.

Yamaha TX81Z & MDF1

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1987

After April's In Brief review, Rick Davies sends us a user report on the latest FM synth module, and throws in a review of the MDF1 MIDI data filer for good measure.

SONUS Sequencer & Data Editors

Review | Music Technology, Jul 1987
Software for the Commodore 64

In an exclusive review, Rick Davies tests three Commodore-based packages from an American company whose programs are new to the UK. Do they stand up against stiff competition?

IMS Dyaxis

Review | Music Technology, Aug 1987
16-bit Digital Recorder

An American 16-bit digital recording system designed to run with the Apple Mac Plus makes sampling direct-to-hard disk recording a powerful reality. Rick Davies gets his ear to the disk.

NAMM Report

Show Report | Music Technology, Aug 1987

In case the current wave of BMF-madness has overtaken you completely, MT dropped in on the annual Chicago show to see how the Americans do it. Report: Dan Goldstein, Rick Davies, Paul White and Bob O'Donnell.

Sequential Prophet 3000

Review | Music Technology, Sep 1987
16-Bit Sampler

This 16-bit stereo sampler promises more than just an improvement in sound quality over the earlier Prophets. Rick Davies reckons it could set a new standard in user interfaces.



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