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Electric Drummer (Part 4)

Percussion Generator Update

Additions to the Sound Generator PCB that make it even more versatile.

The percussion sound generator board described last month was designed specifically to work with negative-going 15V trigger pulses from the Electric Drummer. Extensive trials with microcomputer ports and other equipment have shown that it would be more convenient in these cases to trigger from positive going signals. Accordingly, we have redesigned the board to include an input stage on each trigger and the accent, so that positive going inputs from 1 volt upwards may be used in addition to the negative 15 volts. We have also taken the opportunity to improve some of the sounds, and the new board is single sided to make for easier construction.

The revised circuits are shown in Figure 1. The resonant sounds remain unchanged, with the exception of a couple of component changes. In the case of the wood block sound, this has alleviated the noise problem so that a special IC is no longer required.

The noise sounds now use a VCA IC — the MC3340 — which allows more positive accenting, and also boosts the level of these instruments to be a closer match to the resonant generators.

To obtain a more convincing snare drum sound, the snare trigger now does two things. Firstly, it triggers the "high bongo" generator which simulates the skin and drum resonating; secondly, a noise section imitates the snare wires rattling. The level of snare noise is independently adjustable by means of its own preset.

The board should now be operated from + and -15 volt supplies irrespective of what triggers are used; this should make it much easier to swap between different driving sources. If the Electric Drummer, or another source of negative going 15 volt pulses is going to be the sole triggering method, the input transistors and their associated resistors may be omitted. The hi-hat open/closed input is unchanged, i.e. +5V=closed, 0V=open.

Figure 1. Additional circuits on the Percussion Sound Board, a) Trigger inverter/amplifier. b) Noise VCA.
(Click image for higher resolution version)


R7-10, 17-20, 27-30

R80,85,90,95,97, 99,101,103, 105,107 33k 10 off Maplin Code
R81,86,91,96,98, 100,102,104,
106,108 15k 10 off (M15K)
R82,87,92 330k 3 off (M330K)
R83,88,93 4k7 3 off (M4K7)
R84,89,94 180R 3 off (M180R)
R109 470k (M470K)
C34,37,40 470nF polycarbonate 3 off (WW49D)
C35,38,41 680pF ceramic 3 off (WX66W)
C36,39,42 10uF 35V electrolytic 3 off (FF04E)
TR8,10,11,13, 14,16-23 BC184L 13 off (QB57M)
TR9,12,15 BC179 3 off (QB54J)
IC13-15 MC3340 3 off (QH49D)
D14,15 1N4148 2 off (QL80B)

R1 (2k7) to 120k
R2 (2k7) to 39k
R6 (2M2) to 1M0
R11 (39k) to 100k
R16 (4k3) to 470k
R21 (47k) to 68k
R45,50 (1M0) to 10M
R59 (27R) to 100R
R61-63 (100k) to 47k
C1 (3n3) to 68n
IC10 (LH0042C) to 7410

Series - "Electric Drummer"

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Electronics & Music Maker - Apr 1982

Scanned by: Stewart Lawler


Electronics / Build


Electric Drummer

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 (Viewing) | Part 5

Feature by Peter Kershaw

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