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Little Town

Cliff Richard

Cliff Richard's latest single for you to play.

Little Town
A Carol for Christmas
Sung by Cliff Richard
From his latest LP "Now You See Me... Now You Don't"

This all-purpose arrangement is scored in 5 lines to make playing and analysis of the music easier. Look hard at the parts and you'll realise that Cliff has an arrangement that's our most ambitious transcription to date. The main vocal lines are a good example of the use of syncopation and vocal harmony, and the orchestra middle section is a real chance to try out big brass sounds. If you play in a group, bass plays lower orch. line, rhythm guitar plays guitar chords, keyboards plays top orch. line, lead guitar plays inst. solo line, with the soloist on the top line. There's enough parts to make a nice choir/band/orchestra piece for Christmas, and if you're a keen electromusician you can multitrack all the parts line by line.

The original piece was composed by Chris Eaton, with the orchestral arrangement by Craig Pruess and vocal parts by Tony Rivers. Don't forget - you'll only get the best out of the music by following it with Cliff's own fine recording.

An Original Electro-Music Transcription by Mike Beecher

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Electronics & Music Maker - Dec 1982

Feature by Mike Beecher

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