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More Fun and Games Emanating From the 4780 Sequencer

The "Beat the Clock" sequencer game in the last issue stirred up some interest, so here's another one. This time we will use the sequencer in a game of chance. Depending on the patch used, you can create a roulette wheel, dice roller, or coin flipper, all automatic at the push of a button. The patch includes diagrams for pretty good roulette wheel sound as a bonus.

As the drawing shows, the sequencer is set up to reload itself and continue cycling. Feeding the twelfth stage back can be used for roulette wheels, or rolling two dice. Feeding the sixth stage back can be used for rolling one die, and feeding the second stage back can be used for flipping a coin, answering true/false questions on your next exam, or whatever. An envelope generator output is fed to the RUN input on the sequencer and the clock is switched to STOP. Clock speed should be set at maximum. The envelope generator is set for minimum attack and maximum decay. If a 4740 is being used, sustain should be at maximum as well as initial decay.

Pressing the manual trigger on the envelope generator starts the sequencer. When the output of the envelope generator falls below the required bias voltage of the RUN jack, the sequencer will stop.

To add sound effects, run a noise source through a bandpass filter and VCA. The extra envelope generator output can be used to control the filter. Set the sequencer trigger width between minimum and 50%, and apply the step trigger output to the VGA control input.

Thanks to Greg Leslie, Ponca City, Oklahoma, for the initial inspiration to figure out this little piece of demented patchwork.

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Polyphony - Apr 1976

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