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Use slow VCF and VGA attack for "bowing" effect.
Set Skew control for metallic "twang".
Set VCF range and 0 controls to a low range or the patch looses it's string bass sound.

Submitted by: Bob Yannes, Media, Pennsylvania


0-5 volt bias: approx. 2 volts
-5 to +5 bias: approx. 1 volt
LFO: 9-12 Hz. Variable Output: approx. 1 volt (as required to trigger AR generator)
AR: Attack: Min. Decay: 50% Expand: Off Variable output: 50%

The ± 5 volt bias raises or lowers both notes. The AR output level changes the interval between notes. This can be made to sound like a "Hollywood Flying Saucer". The patch lends itself to hours of experimenting.

Submitted by: Win Bents Yellow Springs, Ohio


Attenuator: approx. 50%
LFO: Approx. 25% output Frequency: 1-3 Hz.
0 to 5 bias: 2 volts -5 to +5 bias: 2 volts
AR: Expand off
Attack: Minimum Release: 10%
Bandpass Filter: Q at minimum

Submitted by: Allen Fairfield, Wakefield, MA

This patch produces the sound of one clap each time the circuit is triggered. For the most realistic effects, a repeating trigger source (such as a sequencer trigger output or the Multi-Trigger from the last issue of POLYPHONY) should be used to trigger the patch at approximately 5 cps (claps per second). Also, to make the effect of several people clapping, try setting up at least three of these patches, all with slightly different settings.

The realism of this patch depends on how much time you spend on getting everything set up just right. But, after spending about an hour setting this up in our studio, the effect was amazingly real — and hilarious. What a great ending for a recorded piece on a synthesizer!


STRING EFFECTS FROM TRILOGY by: Emerson, Lake & Palmer

AR #1: Expand off. Attack: 40%, Decay: 40%, Level: Max.
AR #2: Expand off. Attack: 40%, Decay 60%, Level: Max.
Mixer: Input 1 - Level Max, Pan 75%
Input 2 - Level 70%, Pan full left
Master Right 80%
Master Left 70%
LFO: 6-7 Hz;. Level- very slight
Glide: 15%
Use Reverb if possible.

Submitted by: Robert Matarazzo, Brooklyn, NY

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Polyphony - Copyright: Polyphony Publishing Company


Polyphony - Apr 1976

Donated & scanned by: Retro Synth Ads


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