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The Shape of Things to Come

The only product round-up that shows you 'in living colour' what's new in the field of music and recording technology.


If you are considering adding very serious automation to your mixing desk, then you may be interested in the EQuator from Audio-Control Systems Ltd.

Unlike most add-on automation packages, the EQuator has the capability to perform EQ, fader and mute functions, all under computer control. It's a modular system which allows you to expand from 8 to 40 channels and each channel features 10 band EQ at frequencies between 31.5Hz and 16kHz with +/-12dB of cut and boost - plus, every fader offers 128 level settings with 1/3dB resolution.

When the system is in place, you can perform variable fade rate mixes, solo channels at their true level and program a series of mutes, all in perfect sync via SMPTE/EBU timecode, with all mix data stored to floppy disk for instant recall.

The main control functions are each displayed on a colour computer monitor, with graphic representation of parameter controls, such as those for fader and EQ levels.

Price N/A Contact Audio Control Systems Ltd, (Contact Details).


The new CM range of microphones from Crown feature three models, each with its own personality. The CM-100 is the first commercially produced handheld PCM microphone. It is inherently omni-directional and has been designed for vocal applications. The CM-200 is a classic cardioid which offers a smooth peak-free response and a well balanced design that makes it suitable for both stage and studio uses.

Last of all comes the CM-300 with its new 'differoid' characteristic. This is a new step in microphone design and features the combination of two separate processes, the traditional cardioid and the differential approach. The result of this is a mic that behaves like a cardioid up close (3 inches) and is good for vocals. However, once you move 'off mic' the sensitivity drops off very quickly and Crown claim that it is down by 25dB from 4 inches away. This acute attenuation makes the CM-300 an ideal choice for live stage work where high ambient noise levels exist.

Prices N/A. Contact UK distributors: (Contact Details).


An 8 second sample time is the latest treat to emerge from the DOD company of the USA. Their new PDS 8000 offers both digital delay and sampling in one compact footpedal unit. Three switchable delay/sample ranges are available, (0-500ms, 0.5-2 sec and 2-8sec), and from these you can produce slap back echo, sound-on-sound layering, and many other effects. Price. £249.95 inc VAT.

Contact Rhino Distribution, (Contact Details)


From this British loudspeaker manufacturer come two new models to add to their DC range. The DC-4000 uses a 12 inch Dual Concentric drive unit and the DC-6000 a 15 inch unit. Both speakers are available in black oak or a walnut finish and replace the old Tannoy series which included the Albury, Bradley and Chertsey models.

Price per pair: DC-4000 £699.90, DC-6000 £899.90 inc VAT. Contact Tannoy Ltd, (Contact Details).


The new PS-600 mixer from Dynacord is a rack-mounting 6 channel unit intended for keyboards and electronic drums. All 6 channels are identical and feature, among other things, 3 band EQ and 2 effects sends. In addition to the basic mixer facilities, the PS-600 has a built-in 16-bit digital reverb which is in fact a licensed Alesis Microverb. There is also an integral 300 watt power amplifier (2x150 watts) with cooling fan.

Finally, if 300 watts isn't enough for your PA requirements, there is also a more powerful PS-800 model which offers 400 watts, is not rack-mountable, but does feature 8 channels and a graphic equaliser.

Prices N/A. Contact Sounds Great, (Contact Details).


Now fully established in their new manufacturing facility, MTR have announced three new products all finished in their new hi-tech grey look.

The GE 2010 is a 2U 19" rack-mounting ten band dual graphic which features multi-detent faders, jack and phono connectors.

Next is the PB-80. This, is a 40 way patch bay with stereo jacks front and rear for fast connection and patching.

Finally, a small humble Direct Injection box. This is an active DI box with ground lift switch and may be powered by either a 9v battery or phantom power from your mixing desk.

Prices GE 2010 £122, PB-80 £55, DIBox £30, all inc VAT.
Contact MTR, (Contact Details).


This month Dr.T's Music Software releases yet more products including its long awaited Roland D-50 editor which runs on the Atari ST and can edit all D-50 parameters. However, if you're a Commodore Amiga owner, you'll be pleased to know that the Dr.T range now includes the Soundquest series of programs which currently offer editors for the Roland D-50, DX7 II and DX7.

If you are a KCS owner you may be interested in the new Dr.T Model-S MIDI Sync Box. This is exactly the same unit as the JL Cooper PPS-1 but includes a rewritten manual which outlines its use with the KCS program. Features include operation with any sequencer which reads MIDI Song Pointers for sync-to-tape operation.

Multi Program Environment, or MPE as it is known, is a clever piece of software from Dr.T which allows you to load a further four programs into memory whilst using the KCS sequencer. This allows you to run synth editors and librarians simultaneously and still leave approximately 15,000 notes available in the sequencer program when using an Atari 1040ST.

Price of MIDI Sync Box £199 inc VAT.
Contact UK distributors: Take Note Ltd, (Contact Details).

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