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Volume 3 Starts Here!

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun! No sooner had we all cleared the crumbs of birthday cake from our desks and slung away the empty crates of 'shampoo' than another lot appears and it's party time again! Problem is, when you are working on a successful magazine like Sound On Sound you are always far too busy to indulge in frivolities! (More's the pity.) If you hadn't already worked it out, the reason for celebration is that Sound On Sound is now starting its THIRD great year. And, in keeping with past tradition, the magazine you hold in your hands has undergone several changes - some of which you won't immediately notice, others (like the design and layout of some regular features) you will.

As you may well know if you already subscribe, we have been gathering your views on the magazine over the past six months in the form of regular 'subscriber surveys', in an attempt to discover how to make Sound On Sound an even better magazine for you. The changes made reflect your views - as requested, we have introduced 'spec boxes' at the end of as many reviews as possible so that you can see at a glance what features each review product has or has not (these will become more comprehensive as months go by); we have also implemented a system of comparative reviews (beginning next month), whereby we will compare and contrast equipment feature-by-feature so that you can easily assess which synth or MIDI mixing desk is the best for your needs. We've also thought long and hard about introducing a 'star rating' for each review item as some subscribers suggested, but we're unsure as to its longterm worth. What does everyone else feel? Would you like to see such a system brought in?

Back in our December 1986 issue, we published the most comprehensive survey of DX7 ROM and RAM cartridges ever seen and the response to it was phenomenal! Unfortunately, because such features require an awful lot of background research and testing before we can publish them, we only managed to include two or three similar surveys throughout the past year. However, in Volume 3 we intend to do better... Beginning on page 34 of this issue, you'll find what is undoubtedly the most comprehensive survey of sampling machines ever published, giving you up-to-the-minute details on a staggering 48 different products! (We didn't think there were that many available either!) Have a good read and tell us what you think...

Also as requested, we have this month introduced a regular feature called 'Sound Advice' which will be a collection of your own hints and tips that you wish to pass on to other SOS readers. Can I at this point remind you all to send in your contributions, as this column will only succeed if you all participate. As an added inducement, we will be giving away special prizes to the sender of the best tip each month (see page 20) and these will vary from issue to issue.

OK, I won't hold you back any longer, I know you're all dying to get on and read all about the Prophet 3000, TR626, Sequencer Plus, Creator... I'll just conclude by saying 'thank you' to everyone who has supported the magazine over the past two years, and a BIG THANK YOU for making Sound On Sound Britain's No. 1 hi-tech music and recording magazine!

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The Shape of Things to Come

Sound On Sound - Copyright: SOS Publications Ltd.
The contents of this magazine are re-published here with the kind permission of SOS Publications Ltd.


Sound On Sound - Nov 1987

Editorial by Ian Gilby

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> The Shape of Things to Come

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